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Designated Healer
Designated Healer
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Tarot and Oracle consultant, Reiki Master
We are Light, We are Love, We are Happinesses. I offer spiritual guidance and support for all things journey, work, spiritual, and healing related!??
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I became aware of my abilities at a young age and suppressed them due to lack of support from my surroundings. During this time I felt a constant nagging feeling that there is something I’m supposed to be doing but seem to have forgotten. After many years of research and rediscovery of self I began to ‘reawaken’ into self. This however wasn’t enough. It took the constant let downs of Humanity coupled with the burning urge for change to make the decision that the world needs my gifts. The world needs love. My people need healing.
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For years I have kept the same affirmation towards myself as it has not steered me wrong in the growth of my soul. I tell myself “I am light, I am love, I am happiness” as I merge further into self I see no blurred lines between souls, as we share this journey WE are light, WE are love WE are happiness. I vow to you my honesty, compassion and unconditional love to aid in the ascendancy of your soul, and all humanity.
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