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Guidance by Guinivere
Guidance by Guinivere
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Psychic Shamaness, Distance Healing, Tarot
All questions have answers. If you are going through any kind of transition, I can communicate through the cards, Pendulum, and psychic impressions as well as communications with your spiritual team for guidance and healing.
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About Me
I have been a practicing healer since I was 9 years old. I started as a Reiki practitioner and went on from there into many aspects of wellness, and Divination techniques to address wellness on all levels. Psychic gifts came with me at birth, and they have taught me much about the nature of reality, human connection, and the truth that hides behind the veil. I am happy to support those going through transitions, as this has naturally been my role for as long as I can remember. I like to empower my clients to make their own decisions and rely on their own internal guidance system for clarity as well, because ultimately it is up to the individual to agree to move forward in the way that they need to. I am LGBTQ friendly and will not tolerate racism on any level. I hope to be of service so that mind body and spirit can work together for you, and ultimately improve life upon this planet we call Earth.
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Advisor Interview
In a reading, I usually start with a simple card reading, alongside Pendulum for yes or no questions. I connect with your spiritual allies and higher self in order to add support to these messages coming through. There are a number of card decks to choose from, including the traditional tarot, crystalline attunements, deity and ascended master Oracle, African diaspora Oracle, and Kemetic Deity Oracle.
I also do distance healing using Reiki from a more Shamanic perspective. This can be done in addition to a card reading, or by itself. Any part of the body, relationships, or situations are capable of receiving healing energy if one is open to receiving.

In addition to this, I can do remote clearing work of the aura and the home or workplace. This clearing work will remove any unwanted energies from your space so you may start anew.

I like to empower my clients to remain true to themselves and encourage you to write down notes about the session so that the energies may be integrated well.
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