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Healing Solutions
Healing Solutions
10 minutes for $5.00
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Tarot Readings on All issues
I offer readings on ALL life's issues, I am a very empathic and compassionate reader, I genuinely care about people. I will help you find the healing solutions you seek.
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About Me
Being a very empathic sensitive from a young age & coming from a family that would read cards & practiced other forms of divination, I was naturally drawn to tarot cards & other forms of divination, I utilize my skills with these tools to give compassionate and non-judgemental readings with Healing Solutions. My abilities include Spiritual Healing and I can sense and pick up good and bad energies, I have a good listening ear and work with spiritual healing, After all, in reality, we are all connected.

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Is your soul whispering 2 to you, where do I find the answers I seek? I "Feel" the energies around you. Come see what my cards have to say about your Life / your Relationship/ your career opportunities? As we unravel every puzzling Question you need answered. Are you on the right path, or is your soul searching for something more, like, something that gives new breath to your life? Maybe the winds are already blowing in change & it's not the path you want to take. Let me help you find a new path Grounded in Guidance! I can assist you with clarity, in your current situation. I can help you find the peace & clarity you seek. I offer readings on ALL life's issues. I give compassionate, Honest, readings filled with Integrity. There are No judgments here, "only" the Most Down To Earth, Honest answers, filled with Healing Solutions, Knowledge, Understanding, and Compassion. There are no matters too great or too small I am here for you.
What does KARMA have in store for you?
Have you ever feel like you must have done something so awful in a past life that Karma has your number? Know destiny is never written in stone we choose our paths by the choices we make "each & every day" change can happen, there is magic in this world let me help you find it.
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