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Get guidance and clarity from an intuitive adviser
If you need guidance on how to navigate a life situation (relationships, career, personal development) book a reading online and I will help you get the answers you seek.
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About Me
I was born an intuitive reader and over the years I have learned to accept and understand my spiritual gifts. I have developed my skills as an intuitive through dream work, mentor-ship, and studying the occult. My foundation is based in the African and Haitian traditions of voodoo. From a very young age I've experienced and lived the reality of a thinner veil between worlds. Spirit communicates with me visually (through signs, symbols, images) and emotionally to reveal the best path and possible oppositions. The inheritance of my gift comes from a long line of spiritual healers, teachers, leaders etc. and the showing of my gratitude is to help others through their life journey.
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Advisor Interview
I am a good balance of compassionate and direct. I prefer to do my readings via phone as it allows me to have heightened sensory and awareness. Expect to gain a sense of assurance and grounding after your first reading. I use tarot divination and general occult practice to hone in on your specific needs to give you an overall outlook on why you are having such experience and the best way to overcome it.
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