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Highly Trained Tarot Reader/Transformation Coach
Through the power of the tarot, we can come to solutions that are new and empowering creating dramatic shifts concerning difficult situations with compassion and empathy. Its time to turn a new page in your life.
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I knew I was psychic/intuitive at a very early age. As I developed my skill and grew into myself, I worked for A holistic center specializing in transformational coaching, energy work, and tarot readings. I also continue actively learning and education in order to support and serve my clients. I fell into readings in my early 20's. I received a professional job as a reader/transformational coach. Through client feedback and the Tarot readings; I was informed that I have a unique gift to shift energy. I have the ability to change outcomes and create favor through the cards. This experience was a major turning point in my life career service, and what I believe to be "A Blessing", from the cards and from spirit.
I form strong bonds with all my clients and become a co-creator towards their success in all areas. I am compassionate and non-judgemental. I believe in the law of attraction and laws of the universe. I believe every event has a lesson. If we can see it or understand the cycle we are in, We can change it and transform our situations for the better. The core of all of it, of course .. is love.
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Interview with: JoshLF Ext. #___________________

1. How and when did you first find out about your “psychic abilities”?

I discovered my psychic abilities as a child. I was around 5 yrs old when I realized I was not like my siblings or peers.

2. How was it growing up with these special skills ( as a child, preteen, etc.)? / Are they natural talents or did you study and develop them?

honestly, growing up with these skills was a challenge that became a problem for me until I discovered that I was different than others regarding events I forsaw.

3. Do you think anyone can develop psychic skills?

I believe psychic skills can be developed over time. I do believe some people would need to develop a certain constitution to see beyond the familiar.

4. What type of mentality/mind set do you think it takes to develop these skills?
I think it takes being sensitive to the unseen — empathy and compassion for the feelings of others and environment. It also requires the ability to calm one's thoughts and get out of our way.

5. Are you able to turn your psychic abilities "on" or "off" when you want to? Do you have any rituals to turn them "on"?
I have developed the ability to turn them on or off at will. The ability to shut off this ability was a necessity for me. It took years of development. The rituals I use is imaging a screen door on my third eye and closing it and opening it at will. I also had to understand what was coming from me vs. what I was picking up from others. Knowing the difference between what was my energy vs. the energy of others has taken the most time and training to develop.

6. How did you get into doing psychic readings? (Since when have you been doing them?)
I began performing professional readings and transformational coaching at a holistic wellness center. I worked along with naturalpathic doctors who utilized my talents over time and began booking regular clientele.

7. What happens during a psychic reading?
During a psychic reading I become open as I connect to the other person. I begin reading and pick up their energy, which first comes through as empathy. I pick up sensations that begin to form as pictures and guidance. For myself, A psychic reading is a co-creative act of combining energies.

8. What is your primary tool for divination? / What is your specialty?
My primary tool for divination is Tarot. My specialty is the ability to transform events based on what the cards reveal. Shifting reality and what the cards reveal is a uniqe ability I have not seen and is rare.

9. Can you communicate with spirits who have passed on?
There have been times I have given readings for loved ones from that that have passed on. The ability to read the departed only occurs for me when the energy is strong enough.

10. Is there anything else you'd like to share about your abilities or a good experience? (without divulging confidential information)
I have a regular client who called me for a reading. The tarot reading was dire. The reading revealed a possible car accident. She needed to drive to a cousin's house to pick up a vehicle. Her question for the cards was if she would receive the vehicle and make it back in time for her workshift. I urged her not to go, and that there were severe and dire consequences for her safety if she traveled at that time. She was a regular client and we formed a close relationship as she would call me regularly for advice on relationships and work. She asked me to re-shuffle the cards and was hoping the outcome would be different. The cards were different, but the outcome was the same. I was studying at that time the transformational tarot and began to utilize their techniques. I did a “ Healing” on the cards and pulled an entirely different outcome. I did not think much of it until she returned from her trip. She called me and told me that a truck was driving on a two lane
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