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I have guided many clients through their tough times, through readings, counselling, meditations or just an advise, if you need any kind of clarity about any area of your life. Do connect if you feel guided...
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My name is Masuma Badri. My clairsentience and clairvoyance abilities has helped me establish myself as a Tarot Reader and a crystal ball gazer since many years. Being a TWINFLAME myself I also guide many Twin flames on their journey. I am a practitioner of Practical magic and mysticism since many years, that has allowed me to work energetically, intuitively and spiritually to guide my clients on their spiritual and physical path. I believe I am an Alchemist creating Alchemy in my life and in the lives of everyone around me. Alchemy to me is about transforming into the Best version of your own self, by peeling off the layers of yourself which aren’t doing any good to you or to anyone around you and I Love doing that with the work that I do.
Coming from a traditional Indian background, rich in heritage and a value system knit in age old wisdom. My journey has been interwoven with varied experiences that life has given me, which has made me an observer of a host of belief systems. Everything starts with your own Thoughts and YOU ARE THE LORD AND MASTER OF YOUR UNIVERSE. This perceptive, understanding and curiosity, led to me to this journey, which allows me as a healer, the ability to empathise with and assist a diverse range of people, all trying to the find answers that will free them from the known truths that they’ve grown up with - a definite challenge in today’s times.
With a penchant in Design, I completed my Textile Design and Computer Graphics which led me to launch my own design company in 2004. I have worked with big as well as small brands at that point of time. For many years I have helped and done a lot of social work, which gave me lot of exposure, experience and knowledge.
From Art and Design, I gradually shifted my attention to the mechanisms of Cosmic Design, through focused research and self-learning. Over the past 11 years, I have been delving into the spiritual realms by reading numerous metaphysical books, spiritual websites and communicating with my physical level Guides, Masters and Mentors. This self-initiated voyage culminated harmoniously in the year 2011 when I found my calling and established myself as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, trained at the California Hypnosis Institute of India. empowering people around me has always been a part of my life ..
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My readings are Compassionate, honest and direct, I take pride in my readings and continuous returning of my clients have made be confident about my readings and sessions i also like to balance my readings with a solution and an advise if the client likes to have one... I am a Clairvoyant , Clairsentient, Empath and one can expect an in-depth clear readings ... I am honest and give complete clarity to my clients like friend who would want to truly help you...

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