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Psychic Medium Pamela Rivette
Psychic Medium Pamela Rivette
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I mastered the Tarot at a very young age. My readings can be 50-98.9% accurate depending upon the cards which fall within your reading. Once you know the future you can change it Which is a very good thing. Let us say your reading has a negative outcome. Well, then you can ask what you can do to change things for the greater good of yourself, the situation or anyone else involved in the question to see what you can do in the participation of changing things to a better outcome. When I do a reading I'll set you up with a visualization while you focus on your question as I shuffle the cards. I then not only tell you all your hidden messages within but what the reading actually states and what I intuitively get from it as well.
Explanation of Time Frames: Let us say I see a dark 26 for a time frame. That means its a late 26 so like 2 months 6 days or on the 26th day of a given month. The longest would be February 6th. If it is dark or light red in color then that would be an earlier time such as 26 days or 2 days at 6 pm, 2 hours 6 mins. The numbers I see come into play up to 98.9% of the time.
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Advisor Interview
My top goal is to guide you to a better way of life, to find the answers that you seek, & to help you find the unconditional love & happiness in Love, Career, finances, yourself & the world around you. As a top 5 psychic medium, I help you find peace over the death of family & loves, by connecting you to them With my psychic medium abilities, allowing their messages to come through. I, also guide you with my psychic medium abilities through the turmoils of everyday life. Psychic Medium attributes are good for communicating with your spirit guides, guardians, & our lord's angels, including but not limited too, Archangel Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, & Anael. To help you find answers in Love, career, finances, & health. Helping you see your best course of action in all life situations. I would like to start off with these facts which I believe are a part of why I am who I have become: My top goal is to guide you to a better way of life, to find the answers that you seek, & to help you find the unconditional love & happiness in Love, Career, finances, yourself & the world around you.
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