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Sacred Hoodoo Woman Readings
Sacred Hoodoo Woman Readings
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For African Traditional Spiritualists
I'm an Afro Salvadoran woman trained by her elders and community & guided by the Ancestors to help the current movement of reclaiming ATRs.
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About Me
Specialties: Community, Home, Self, Womb, Ancestors and Abuse

My work focuses on healing the self and others having been trained under some of the most powerful spiritual figures and rootworkers in the Black community. My work in the community has led me through birthwork, women's work, LGBTQ, environmentalism and more. I am well experienced with connecting spiritually to the world around me.

I work with Spirit, Ancestors, and Nature -- thassit! This allows me to be open to all African Traditional Religions as this is something we all share.
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Cartomancy Tarot Affirmations Empath Pendulum
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I focus on the message using the form of divination that calls to me, as each person and situation is unique. This allows each reading to be personal to you. You will receive a prompt response that is complete as well as gives you some way to actively go forth in your spiritual journey.

May Your Ancestors Guide You! Thank you for dropping by!
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