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I've guided many clients through relationship issues, career changes and spiritual growth.
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I have been born as an empath and can easily tune into people and animals around me and read situations, energies and though patterns. People have always come to me for advice and I use astrology and tarot to read life path, career and relationship issues. Our higher self has a plan for us that we may not always understand, let me help you clarify and help you achieve your goals with affirmations and visualization. Let me help you understand and give you clarity in your relationships. Does he love me? Will he be faithful? Is it meant to be? Is he/she my twin flame/soulmate? Have we a past life connection? Let me answer these and more questions for you!
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You can expect to be guided and enlightened. Ask me your question and I will give you insight into your situation and the other person and how to navigate it and what to expect in the near future as the outcome. You will get tips on how to protect your own energy field, work with crystals and visualization and meditation and I will clear your aura and do energy remote healing on you as well, if you agree. I will help you gain the right perspective on your situation and come into your own power by looking at your life as the author, and not merely the protagonist. Living your dreams is your birth right - let me help guide you there with the right tools, perspective and insights.
I have gone through intense trauma followed by decades of healing through various modalities: reiki, meditation, chanting, yoga, shiatsu, dance therapy, hypno-therapy, hypnosis, speech and body therapy, massage therapy, hands on healing, astrology, tarot and pendulum readings. My intuitive and empathic abilities have given me insight into other dimensions and realms that exist right here under our noses. Our higher self lives in another dimension but is always connected to us. The more I learned to hone this connection, the better I was in the flow of life. Synchronicities are a common occurrence in my day to day life and seeing numbers in sequence are another sign the universe gives to let us know we are in harmony with all that is.
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