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Shamaness Cat
Shamaness Cat
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Angelic Psychic Medium Advice
Certified Angelic Akashic Record Reader, Tarot/Oracle Expert and Healing Facilitator Having been blessed by two psychic grandmothers & 25+ years of intuitive experience, I aim to bring you the best reading possible.
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About Me
Coming from a line of two psychic grandmothers, as a child I remember being highly intuitive. I hid from my gifts for a long time until I started taking my gifts more seriously. It started with my first meditation class 25+ years ago, leading to giving readings and advice for friends, taking classes, getting certified, and intensely studying my craft in the healing arts and readings from various teachers. I have lived and traveled to parts of the world, encountering the mystical, studied with shamans, visited sacred sites, participated in healing ceremonies, and focused on opening up my spiritual gifts to the highest degree possible. Eventually I began helping people from students, to professionals and millionaires with my gifts. I love to learn, and continually perfect my craft, adding to insights for my clients. I specialize in Akashic Record work, Angel therapy, Multidimensional Spiritual Healing, Chakra Work, Aura Cleansing, Spirit Guides, Deceased Loved One's, Past lives, Tarot/Oracle, Twin Flames-Soul Mates-Karmic Relationships, Star seeds, Rainbow Warriors, Violet Flame work, Life Coaching and simply guiding you on your best and highest path according to spirit. I look forward to working with you, and assisting you in the best way I can. - Many Blessings!
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I do my best to tell you exactly what I see in the cards, what I see in my clairvoyance, what I hear in my clairaudience, and what I can intuitively interpret from all the gathering of information coming my way to help you get the best insight and guidance. Remember, we all have free will and choices. We also have access to multidimensional timelines. Predictions can always change due to different choices being made, and nothing is set in stone. I will do my best to empower you to make the best choices for yourself. I can only tell you what I see in the moment, and what looks best for you in the future.
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