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Srarborn 333
Srarborn 333
10 minutes for $5.00
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Tarot advisor card interpretation
I read tarot cards for those seeking insight for relationships, career paths and areas inspiring spiritual motivation.
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About Me
I grew up in a spiritual household learning to draw strength from challenging situations. Reading for others is a profession I had developed early on in regards to helping others dig into their fullest potential. Connecting with energy from the use of tarot cards, I have found a very effective method to help identify complex situations that required empathy and much patience with people of all walks of life. Finding the root of everyday questions and helping make sense of the various matters at hand has been a blessing in my career as an advisor. I thank you for choosing and trusting me as an advisor to help guide you in any way I'm asked upon, as is always my pleasure to read for you.
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I chose this profession as a tarot reader to share wisdom with others whom seek motivation. Positivity and encouragement while finding strength in moving forward is what I really aim for when reading my cards for life's many unpredictable paths.
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