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Tarot Tam
Tarot Tam
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I guide my clients through difficult decisions and give insight on their spiritual guides.
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I became very spiritually involved this year so I am a beginner. I have always felt I had some psychic gift of speaking to spirits through my dreams and visions. I offer tarot because they spoke to me the first time I touched them. I've been drawn to the cards and oracle cards ever since. I hoe you can trust in me for your readings into speaking with your spirit guide, relationship advice, or predictions.
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I would read deep into your spiritual purpose, what kind of guides you have, whether family or past life, and how you helps others around you as you did in your past life. These spreads are read with tarot and oracle card decks to provide detail into your personality, strengths, and weaknesses. I also purify my cards with crystals and/or sage every session. I will also discuss it with you to make sure what I'm picking up does apply to your question because sometimes a reading can be specifically for you or the immediate person involved. It's all up to your interpretation but ego can get in the way of seeing the clear picture.
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