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Connecting you with your spiritual guides
I will connect with your spirit guides and goddess guides to give you detailed answers to any of your current journeys questions.
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I am a third generation clairvoyant and was able to see the signs very early on. I was maybe in the 4th grade when I started to realize there was something much more to my mind, something that felt quite powerful yet peaceful. It wasn't until I grew older I decided to follow my spiritual calling to began my experimentation with certain divination tools. As the years went on and I perfected my craft, following in my grandmothers foot steps, I introduced Tarot into my daily life. This is when I started to find myself extremely in tune with my spirit guides. I began to finally see orbs of color (I had seen these since a very young age) but I could finally understand what they meant. I could feel the colors energy. When I hit my teenage years my grandmother passed down a handmade pendulum to me as a birthday gift. I immediately drew a very energetic connection to it and the accuracy was literally 90 percent! This I would have to say was the beginning of a huge spiritual awakening at this very point in my life. I have personally experienced a connection with the universe on several occasions and have been reassured by my guides and goddess's in order to complete my current spiritual journey I must guide others and give answers to their own enlightenment.
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With help from the universe and my goddess guides I have the ability to see energies of color and have clear insight into another souls emotions and intentions. This is the soul reason which makes my readings direct and in-depth. Simply by using your name and date of birth I can connect to your guides and in some cases your ancestors to relay the spiritual messages you are needing to receive at this current time. Tarot and dowsing are my chosen tools which help me connect easily and effortlessly to the universe for answers in any area of your journey. I will always utilize your energy and reading to provide as much insight as possible and timelines with direct detail. I specialize in love and relationship readings, career, goddess connection, and also spiritual guidance.
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