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Spiritual Advisor To Help With Difficult Times
My main goal is to help you get to a place where you can manage everyday life effortlessly. Remembering to put you first. I have Helped empaths and psychics who had yet realized the power spirituality had in their life.
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I have been working as a psychic for the past two years. I could of started sooner but I had this part of me holding my back. I did not believe I was worthy enough to be helpful to anyone. I was wrong. I learned to see my worth and I want to help show you yours. I may be early on in the realm of psychics, but my intuition is top notch. I have worked with psychics with 5-10 years experience to help develop skill set. I do use cards. I use oracle and tarot. That part of my practice has a lot to do with me enjoying my work. I Love the creativity and art of each deck and I like picking the perfect deck and spread for each person. I do tend to keep talking and get way ahead of the cards but they are wonderful tools.
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I am very compassionate but I will be direct. I understand we feel deeply when our lives are disturbed. I know what it feels like when it feels like your world is falling apart but the world keeps moving. Sometimes we wish it would stop and acknowledge us and our pain but it doesn't. I also, however, know false hope very well. Let me explain something: all psychics, no matter their experience or abilities, work in symbols and signs.

If you say "God, please, if You tell me He is staying I will know I am going to be okay," all the universe understands is that you need a signal to know you will be okay, and you verbalized that that signal is to say "He is staying". It is true to be careful what you wish for. I do my best to focus on what is best for You and how you can better handle the situation you are in. When you are on top of your game you open doors to opportunities. The more you try to bargain with fate the less likely you'll be handed the key to the door you want.

I won't lie to you about what I see. Just be honest about what you are looking for. False hope? Or the Truth?
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