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A well known reader in Eastern Europe and a celebrity in my homeland Romania, I had guided and helped a lot of persons with my abilities and I had appeared in numerous TV shows demonstrating them.
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To test my new skills, I volunteered to be a clairvoyant at the spiritualist church. Congregants would place a flower on the table, and the clairvoyants would choose one and “read” it at the microphone. Nervous, the first thing I grabbed was a packet of silver foil. The rose inside had been packed so tightly, its petals were crushed. I didn’t get a single vibe from it, so I just described the symbolism. “You are feeling battered and bruised,” I said. Afterwards, a woman approached and said she was a victim of domestic violence, and what should she do? I was only 15 and had no idea, but my psychic reputation soared.
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I am a Psychic adviser, spiritual healer, and shaman with over 15 years’ experience in the tarot, crystal ball readings and I-Ching oracle consultations. I am a careful and understanding listener and I am here to assist you along life’s path, without judgement. I will answer any questions with clarity and with empathy. I read the tarot cards, crystal ball and specialise in the I-Ching oracle, while working on a psychic link with yourself.
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