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Tarot Consultancy and Psychic Advice
Using tarot and other cartomancy methods, I help clients gain clarity and understanding of whatever situations they are confronted with in areas of love, family, friends, school, work, money, health, and decision-making.
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I use a combination of my natural intuition, clairvoyance, clairsentience, divination methods, over 15 years of studying and practicing tarot readings, and an academic background in Psychology (Masters Degree in Forensic Psychology) when analyzing an issue with you. Sometimes in life, we need a neutral third party to listen to us vent, help us make decisions, and encourage us to shape plans of action to move forward. Oftentimes, it helps if that third party is open-minded to matters of spirituality and shares our beliefs in the occult, in religion, and in the power of one’s own intuition. I work with you, whatever your life and spiritual path might be, to interpret the answers given by the cards. I do my best to help you interpret the message your spirit guides are trying to send you, even if it is not necessarily a pleasant one.
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I am honest and direct, but not cruel! I talk with you and listen as long as necessary to ensure you are comfortable with your answer and have a plan of action if you need one. I love analyzing situations with clients and going through multiple-case scenarios. Much of the services I provide, I would liken to what a good friend would offer if you were sitting over coffee discussing a situation. Only, I add Tarot cards to the mix! :) If this sounds like something that would benefit you, please feel free to contact me! I hope to speak with you soon, and wish you the best life has to offer!
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