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Intuitive Empath and Tarot reader serves as a confidante or mentor to help forge a bridge of understanding during trying times.
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Since a child, I have been gifted intuition and a sensitivity that is known as Empathic. I feel what others feel and can hear unvoiced questions. To deepen my intuition I use the I Ching or The Book of Changes and the Tarot and Angel Cards. These are my tools and they help me to better understand situations so that I can help people make choices that are best for them.

I have an internal fire burning inside of me that pushes me to do more. Thriving on mental activity, I like exercising the "muscles" of my brain, stretching them in multiple directions. I find the future fascinating. I see the future in a detailed picture and this pulls me forward, into tomorrow. My skills and talents have helped many others sort through their problems; be it love, change in career or simply a change in themselves. Sometimes what a person needs is another person's unbiased perspective and about their situation.

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I conduct all of my readings with focus and intent. I like to read over the phone, chat or via video. Either way that is best for the client, is best for me. I use divination tools to help me help you. If you are looking for enlightenment on a particular subject, I will use my Tarot or Angel Cards. For a more in-depth reading, I will use the I Ching.
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