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Tarot, Pendulum, Intuitive Psychic.
Allow me to use the Tarot to understand your past, present and your future potential. I provide clear and practical advice. I work really well with clients who handle and appreciate candid information. I don't do waffle.
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Allow me to use the Tarot to understand your past, present and your future potential.

We all have that energy present that we know is our own guidance system speaking to us. It is my job to interpret it for you impartially. A reading with me can help you find a path forward highlighting any obstacles. The Tarot can show you the way to overcome any roadblocks, giving you the confidence to decide on the most successful path to focus on. I provide clear and practical advice. I work really well with clients who handle and appreciate candid information.

These are skills I learned in the business world, an experience that taught me to consult with you in a way that will hopefully provide you with advice and a solid plan to address any problems. I don't do fluff and waffle, I do facts.
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I have always had a natural tendency to divination which I am fairly sure I inherited from my mother, although she kept the details within the immediate family since our extended family were quite religious.

She encouraged me to from quite a young age to play with cards at home and looking back now I realised she would often drop me off at a friends house when 'she was busy' who would be actually offering a little coaching. The most frequent phrase applied to me was 'oh never mind if she isn't listening, she is often away with the fairies'.

Once life got serious after school I buckled down and got qualified, moving into Investment Banking but never lost my intuition and was always drawn to 'mystic' shops and cards; often joining psychic circles at the weekends. I found myself burnt out after a long period of time in my career, and realised I was more interested in the weekend courses I was taking in tarot, mediumship, etc. which led to me chose a more home-based career for work.

Over the past ten years, I've been doing readings for friends, either face-to-face or over the phone; and since 2015 I have kept a part-time schedule as a professional paid Tarot reader. I then made the decision that if I wanted to be a full-time professional at Reading the Tarot and to give the best readings to a client that I could possibly give, the best option would be to expand and polish up my skill with more education.

I've taken courses aimed at hopefully ensuring I had the prerequisite skills to provide a more professional style of reading and deepen my knowledge of the Tarot; two in advanced Tarot, and a progressive course on advanced Psychic Mediumship. I genuinely feel like I am now at the stage where I can offer my clients the absolute best service.

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