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Advanced Psychic & Medium
Energy is intensely direct with me, which means you will have many questions answered in your sessions. I also speak with spirits. I'll give you the good, the bad, and the ugly but served to your taste.
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About Me
Natural abilities with a deep desire to help.

I was about 3-4 when I discovered my inherited psychic abilities, including inter-dimensional engagement, premonitions and clairsentience. I was 15 when I started a practical application of them, and I've worked to tone them during my continual growth.

Tools: Tarot, runes, pendulum, spirit board, oracles, etc.
Seer/Scrying: flames, smoke, environmental behaviour via the Clairs, crystals, etc.
Natural Channeller/Medium: contact ancestors and loved ones who have passed over.
Psychic & Spiritual Healing: aura readings, cleansings and chakra balancing, respective.

Continual life certified + extended self training.
Destiny/Life Path Spirit Guides Deceased Loved Ones Infidelity Career/Work
Skills & Methods
Tarot Medium Chakra Cleansing Clairsentient Runes
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My style is down to earth and direct with a gentle, tactfully resonating approach and delivery. My gifts are meant to be shared through accurate, insightful and engaging readings that truly help people, and stay with them long after their consultation is over.

Client satisfaction is #1!

When you book an appointment with me, you can choose to have it by phone, messaging or video chat. Choose the option that makes you feel most comfortable - time and space do not affect the quality of my readings. You will receive the messages you seek. Comfort is what is important here, as the more comfortable you are, the better the reading you will have. Prefer looking at the person you are talking to? Choose video chat. Like to read instead of being around people? Choose messaging. You get the point :)

Immediate appointments are welcome!
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