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What is Mail?
Mail is a simple and confidential way to email advisors and other users. When you send Mail, the person you write to doesn't see your real email address - just your user name.

How do I send Mail?
You can send Mail by clicking on "Send Mail" on their home page on the right, by clicking "Send Mail" on the left side of any listing page, or by clicking the Mail link on the My Account page and then clicking "Compose."

Note: you must have a valid credit card on file with PsychicCenter in order to send Mail. If you haven't yet added your credit card info to your account, you can do so here.

How do I read my Mail?
Click on the Mail link on the My Account page to read, reply to and/or delete your Mail. 

How will I know I have Mail?
You have several options:

  • When you sign in and visit the PsychicCenter home page, a message will tell you whether you have Mail.
  • You can also choose to be notified at your email address, or not notified at all.
  • You can even have your Mail forwarded to your email address (since Mail is always processed through PsychicCenter, users will never see your private email address even if you have your Mail forwarded to it).

Set your email notification preferences here.

Is Mail free?
Yes.  But you can also charge other members for advice, newsletters or any form of written material. The price of any Mail is zero unless you change it using the price field to the right of the message.

Note: PsychicCenter keeps 30% of any fees you receive for Paid Mail. *

Can anyone send me Mail?
No. In order to protect customers from unwanted email, advisors may only send you Mail once you appear on their My Customers list. You'll only appear on an advisor's My Customers list once you've placed a call to them or sent them Mail.

Do I have to read Paid Mail?
No.  When you receive Paid Mail, you must choose to accept it before the fee is taken from your account.

How long will my Mail messages stay in my account?
To make sure you don't lose any Mail, we suggest that you check your mail at least once a month. If you don't sign in to your account for more than 90 days, all unread messages that were sent to you more than 90 days ago will be deleted. Messages that you have read, however, will stay in your account until you delete them yourself.

* This amount is subject to change at any time.

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