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What is My Favorite Advisors on 1-866-MY-ASTRO?
My Favorite Advisors is a feature that lets you reach your favorite advisors simply by calling , pressing 1, then signing in with your phone number and PIN.

How do I enter an advisor's extension #?
You can enter an advisor's extension # by pressing "3" from the main menu.

Where can I verify or change my own PIN?
You can update your PIN and/or your phone number by clicking "My Personal Info" on the My Account page.

What if I've called the same advisor on more than one listing, or if I've recently called this person more than once?
My Favorite Advisors will present, in chronological order, the last nine advisors you've spoken to. If you've called the same person's listing more than once, it will only appear once on the list. But if you've called the same advisor more than once, but for different listings, each of the listings will appear in your list of My Favorite Advisors.

Will Recorded Listings appear in My Favorite Advisors?
No. For now, only Live Advice listings appear in My Favorite Advisors.

What if I call more than nine advisors on a regular basis?
When you call 1-866-MY-ASTRO and press "1," you'll get a list of the last nine advisors you've spoken to. If the advisor you want to talk to right now doesn't appear on that list, you can still easily reach him or her, simply by pressing "3" and entering their extension #.

If I don't like a certain advisor, can I remove him or her from My Favorite Advisors?
Sorry, but for now, we just list your recent calls in chronological order.

My Favorite Advisors says I have free minutes with some advisors and not with others.
After we tell you whether a given advisor on your list is available, we'll also tell you if this advisor has given you any free minutes. If he or she hasn't offered you any free minutes, you won't hear anything.

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