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If you read your horoscope, then it’s likely you’re cognizant that your zodiac (aka birth) sign has a certain significance—but do you know why? Astrology is when celestial phenomenon coincides with activities in your life cycle, as well as personality traits. A concept well beyond our years, astrology was incepted in Babylonian astrology, which then eventually surfaced in the Hellenistic society (during the late Hellenistic period) in the Mediterranean—Egypt in particular. 

So, while the historical relevance may mean nothing to you, did you ever wonder why many psychics ask for your birthday at the beginning of the reading? Let’s take a closer look before you book your next session

Why is a zodiac sign so important? 

Knowing a client’s sign helps the psychic visualize their birth chart, which gives information about the universal energy that impacts their lives. So, this is why a 

psychic advisor will typically begin a reading by using your chart as a tool to learn more about you. It encompasses your strengths, hidden talents, and areas where you are challenged. 

What if I’m self-conscious about details in my life?

While taking a look into the details of your chart may make you feel a bit self-conscious, remember that astrology readings are non-judgemental, so there’s no need to feel embarrassed. Look at your session as a golden key to help you find your soul purpose in life, or to give you insight on your love life, career, family matters, and everything in between. Lastly, a psychic will only pick up on the important details that are pertinent to the situation or problem at hand. 

How does a reading work? 

Your psychic advisor will look for specific themes in your chart based on your zodiac sign. He/she can see what your higher self desires to do in the present, as well as the near future. The big takeaway is that astrology readings are excellent resources for targeting your wants, needs, beliefs, and desires—you can even measure your results with those of a significant other in a comparison reading to see if you’re both on the same page, or whether or not your zodiac signs are compatible (even for a future mate!). 

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