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The spiritual world can feel a bit overwhelming at times and you may question whether to get a personalized astrology reading or to phone a friend or loved one regarding a specific situation. The truth is that unlike someone in your close circle, a psychic will give you 100 percent unbiased advice. There’s also the bonus of having total anonymity from being online or over the phone.

So, what can an astrology reading tell you and when is it a good time to book a session? Honesty, whenever! Your session is your time, which means you can gain insight into personality traits, soul purpose, compatibility, life changes, karmic relationships, and so much more. To accomplish this, a psychic will use your natal chart, which is basically a tool that maps out the exact position of all of the stars and the planets at the exact moment you were born. This is key because it’s this positioning that makes you who you are. 

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular reasons why people decide to book an astrology reading, but keep in mind that everyone can benefit from learning more about what their birth chart holds. 

When a major astrological transit is happening (like Mercury retrograde)

You’ve probably heard people complaining that the week is going to be a disaster because “Mercury is in retrograde” or some other planetary mishap. While it’s true that such astrological transits can shake things up for every sign, a psychic can help you determine what such a situation means for you specifically so you can craft a plan to try to make order out of the chaos—think canceled flights, broken electronics, job loss, etc.. Considering Mercury is in retrograde every three to four months, these could be helpful periods to book a session. 

When starting a new relationship

Perhaps you’re embarking on a new relationship but you want to see if it’s one that has the potential to go the distance. A psychic can draw up your birth chart (as well as the chart of your S.O.) to take a look into your compatibility, to include areas of strength and challenge. Remember, just because some roadblocks may be forecasted doesn’t mean you should throw in the towel. At the end of the day, only you can determine what your destiny is and with whom—and even healthy relationships can benefit from psychic advice!

Major life transitions 

Thinking of making a major career change, moving overseas, or pulling the plug on a marriage? Timing is everything, dear reader. There are copious tried-and-true techniques that professional astrologers use to determine the best timing for every moment in your life. Astrologers sometimes draw up what’s known as an “electional” which is a projected timeline of the transition in question. When looking for a pro to conduct your reading, read the reviews to see if they have any success stories that are in relation to your transition to determine whether or not they are the best astrologer for you. 

When you feel stuck in a rut

Even if you feel as though you’re putting your best foot forward, it’s possible that you feel stuck in a rut that is not allowing you to manifest your true potential. An astrology reading can help you determine what’s holding you back so that you can work through it and move forward. You should never feel trapped by planetary influences. The goal of a reading is to keep you the tools you need to learn, grow, and live your best life. 

When you’re looking for inspiration

Astrologers don’t like to look at a chart as having “good” or “bad” features. Rather, each chart is an abundance of information that can be presented as a list of choices. Which of those choices you decide to put into motion is completely up to you, but your chart is there as a guide to help you choose the ones in your favor. An astrology reading can provide you with an in-depth look at prominent themes and issues in your life so that you can find inspiration, but also constructive advice for conquering any potential roadblocks.

To Understand Past Life Influences

You may not realize it, but all of your unconscious impulses are driving your present choices. It’s believed that these actions are tied to our past lives. A past-life (karmic) astrologer can help you determine the root of habits or repetitive experiences that you find difficult to change. Comprehending what drives these unconscious impulses can help you feel liberated while helping you become more in tune with your soul purpose.

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