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It’s not uncommon for people to use the word “psychic” to represent all different types of advisors, however, most psychics have different skills that simply can’t be put under the same umbrella. While no spiritual talent is superior to the other, it’s important that you understand the difference so that you book the right type of reading for you. Here’s a look at the difference between astrology vs psychic gifts so that we can clear up any confusion.

What’s an Astrologer?

An astrologer makes predictions based on your birth sign. Each reading begins with a detailed overview of your birth chart (a chart of the location of the sun, moon, and planets), which is based on the exact date, time, and location of birth. This is more detailed than your horoscope alone could ever tell you and it’s truly a catalyst for self-awareness. 

Each of the 12 signs is categorized as a quadruplicity (cardinal signs that kick off new seasons), mutable (signs that handle change well), or a fixed sign (one that lands in the middle of the seasons) while also being a triplicity—a sign that’s associated with one of the elements: earth, air, water, or fire. Some reasons people opt for an astrology reading include self-exploration, a desire to comprehend the cycles of your life, determining your life path, charting out goals for the year, and more. The type of astrology reading you have depends upon your question. For example: 

  • Synastry: This type of reading is perfect if you want to get down to the nitty-gritty details of a particular relationship based on how the planets affect one another. Look at it as the ultimate compatibility test. 
  • Soul Purpose: While you can’t create a game plan for everything life throws your way, a soul purpose reading gives you some insight on what to expect using a blend of astrology, tarot, and numerology. 
  • Karmic Relationship: We tend to meet and travel with people from a past life whose goal is to learn and experience the present — quite possibly with you. Advisors often consider these types of relationships soulmates.
  • Relocation: This reading is a good pick if you’re considering making a major change that involves relocating, whether that means a new office on the other side of town or a new home across the country.   
  • Natal: This reading is a deeper dive into your birth chart so you can begin to have a real sense of self-discovery. 

What’s a Psychic? 

Psychics rely on their intuition to collect data about one’s past, present, and/or future. This is achieved by reading the recipient’s energy field, using divination tools like tarot or astrology, or even connecting with spirit guides — so yes, an astrologer is psychic but a psychic is not necessarily an astrologer. The same rule applies to spiritual gifts like mediumship. Areas of concern are typically related to love and relationships, career, goal-setting, decision-making, and closure. Psychic readings provide clarity, peace of mind, self-discovery, and confidence with regards to the past, present, and future. 

Of course, as with any type of spiritual reading you receive, remember that the future is not predetermined. Only you can control your own destiny no matter what the cards, spirit guides, or a psychic’s intuition advises you. Use their guidance to make the best decisions for you and your lifestyle. 

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