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Online dating is simply the way of the world these days yet just because you can peruse profiles discreetly in your pajamas doesn’t mean it’s any easier than traditional, old-school dating — far from it. From forced chemistry to false profiles to quite simply too many fish in the sea, online dating can become frustrating and discouraging at times. 

Even so, there’s no reason to throw in the towel just yet. While your best buds (and maybe, even family) have put in their two cents, unbiased, online dating psychic advice can help you stay strong in both mind and heart. Here are a few tips to get you started. 

Follow Your Gut Instinct — AKA Your Intuition 

You need not possess a psychic gift to have straight-up intuition. You know, that gnawing gut instinct that you feel when something is so right or so wrong? That’s your intuition talking. It’s not uncommon for people to exaggerate (or simply lie) on their profile, so if what you’re reading sounds too good to be true, it’s probably not. If the person claims they are 40 but their profile photo looks like they’re still in college, it’s possible that they’re hiding behind a younger version of their true self. Also, if the communication begins and ends with instant messaging and emails only, then the person you’re corresponding with is likely not emotionally and/or physically available. Trust your intuition!

Figure Out Their Astrological Sign 

While you don’t want to start a virtual relationship with a cliche “Hey baby, what’s your sign?” line, finding out your potential partner’s astrological sign can provide you with a general overview of his/her personality traits, strengths, and weaknesses so you can compare them to your own. You can also do a check to see if your signs are compatible. While it’s completely okay to date less compatible signs, just be aware of the areas where you two may potentially clash. Remember, no matter who you’re with, relationships are as much about compromise as they are compatibility. 

Keep Karma in Mind When Creating Your Profile

If you go into the world of online dating with a fake or exaggerated profile and a photo that’s not a true representation of your current self, you’re putting this deceitfulness into the universe and it will only come back to bite you. That’s what’s known as karma. But if you put out honesty, compassion, and an open mind, karmically that’s what you’ll get in return. 

Accept That Meeting Your Soulmate is Unlikely 

This is not to say that you can’t meet a great person that is worthy of a relationship or even marriage, but when we’re talking about soulmate material, it takes more than a virtual compatibility test to find him or her. True soulmates are drawn together by divine design and can meet in unique ways and amazing places. So, while there’s a possibility to meet your soulmate online, it’s not common.

Speak to a Psychic 

What better way to receive psychic online dating advice than by speaking to a psychic? Our love and relationship advisors are on-hand 24-7 to help you with all matters of the heart — including those of a virtual nature! Whether you need a jumpstart into the world of online dating, want to know if you should pursue a certain someone, or are questioning compatibility, psychic advice can help you on your path to securing a successful relationship.

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