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What Is A Spiritual Connection? 

When it comes to finding the right partner, have you been told that “you’ll know when you know” that he or she is “the one?” While that may sound like a line out of a rom-com, the truth of the matter is that’s what a spiritual bond feels like. Together, you experience kinship, harmony, and balance. You do things for one another without any expectations or questions. Emotions run deep, physically and mentally, and yet this type of union isn’t all about sex — it’s so much greater than that. Spiritual relationships are similar to having a soul mate in that your partner makes you want to be a better person (which leads us to our next point.)

Types of Spiritual Connections 

There are three main types of spiritual relationships: 


A soulmate is what you’d think a soulmate would be: your perfect match (or soul), and like the soul, love never dies. In other words, you can’t help but feel you two are “meant to be,” so you should trust that your intuition is correct. Your soulmate may be a person you lost or never met in a past life, which means you may have known him or her over a period of time that spans centuries before your souls became reunited. When you find your soulmate, being separated isn’t a problem, and jealousy never poisons the relationship. You know how to apologize, and you’ll do whatever to make your partner happy. Sex isn’t the most important aspect of your union — even though you’re compatible in the bedroom. 

Karmic Relationships: 

Karmic partnerships are about personal growth. Throughout the relationship, there are lessons to be learned that will push you to be a more robust version of yourself. In many cases, a karmic relationship helps to balance out a negative experience from a past life. Of course, that doesn’t happen without a lot of emotions — for better or for worse. Karmic relationships typically don’t last, yet at the same time, it can be difficult to escape such a partnership because of the intense connection. As with other spiritual relationships, you’ll be instantly drawn together. Unfortunately, this can lead to codependency and ignoring red flags even if they’re being waved right in front of your face. It’s the type of relationship that’s filled with drama and feels like a perpetual rollercoaster ride. 

Twin Flames: 

Twin flame lovers are an amalgamation of a karmic relationship and a soulmate, but with the addition of some unique characteristics. It’s believed that the two flames were separated from one soul and shared between two different physical bodies, so looking at your partner is like looking in the mirror; you’re one in the same. This type of relationship will definitely keep you on your toes. You’ll feel as though you’ve met before and have an almost telepathic connection. Though your arguments are constructive, and you’re deeply connected on an emotional level, you can’t seem to escape a breakup makeup pattern. 

Spiritual Connections In Relationships 

Here’s the thing: You can’t force a spiritual relationship to happen. However, you can grow the one you have, should you be lucky enough to find yourself in this type of union. Be what you want to be for your partner, so if you desire loyalty, respect, patience, and support, make an effort to do the same. No matter how busy life gets, always make sure you’re making time for one another — even if you have to schedule it in advance. And make it quality time such as going out to a restaurant, taking a walk in nature, booking a weekend getaway, etc., not just running regular mundane chores. Human touch is extremely powerful, so hold hands, kiss each other goodnight, and don’t wait for a reason to give a firm hug.

Learn More About Spiritual Connections and Relationships 

Once you have a spiritual connection with someone, you’ll know as it won’t feel like any other type of partnership you’ve had in the past. While it may be hard to believe that you can connect with someone on such a deep level, don’t second-guess yourself; give the relationship all you’ve got. Of course, even the closest and most amazing connections can hit a few bumps along the way, which is where a psychic can help you get back on the right path. Our love and relationship advisors can help you understand the type of spiritual connection you have so that it’s easier to strengthen the bond without losing yourself in the process.

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