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Whether it’s a new year, month, week, or even day, sometimes we use time or circumstance as an excuse to avoid self-love and connect with ourselves on a spiritual level. However, connecting with yourself on a spiritual level is a practice you should be doing 365 — or at least, for most of the year. Of course, between personal and work-related obligations, family, and uncertain times, it can sometimes feel impossible to put yourself first — but trust, it is, in fact, possible. To be clear, self-love has nothing to do with narcissism or self-indulgence. These are typically more superficial ways of attempting to heal the soul.

To make it easier, you don’t have to perform the same rituals or actions every day. Mixing things up is encouraged as it keeps the mind, body, and spirit stimulated. As proof positive, here are eight ways to help you become more in-tune with your needs and wants so that loving yourself becomes second nature. 

Set Your Intentions 

Just as you would set an intention before a psychic reading, you should exercise the same practice when connecting with yourself on a personal and spiritual level. Not only will it make it easier for you to manifest whatever it is that you’re seeking, but it will also help you keep your eye on the prize. An intention could be anything from the desire to boost self-esteem or live a healthier lifestyle to paving the right life path to make a career change or move to the other side of the globe — anything goes. 

Practice Meditation 

Meditation is one of the easiest and least expensive forms to connect with yourself spiritually, and by doing so — even if it’s only for five to ten minutes a day. It can help you manage your stress levels, gain a new perspective, reduce negative emotions, improve sleep habits, increase patience, promote self-awareness, and spark creative thoughts. There’s no need to make meditation complicated. You can even practice it at home by: 

  • Choosing the right method (aka, self-guided, using an app, Youtube, etc.)
  • Designating a time for your practice (including how long a session would last.)
  • Dedicating a quiet, distraction-free zone where you’ll meditate.
  • Setting a clear intention.
  • Always being present in the moment. 

Move Without Restriction 

Everyone has obligations to fulfill, but don’t let them deter you from finding — or living out — your true passion in life, whether that means making a significant career change, starting a business, moving to another country, or saving for that cross country retirement adventure. If you can think of it, you can do it. The more you invest in life, the more you’ll get back.

Practice Gratitude

When you feel as though life has gone down the drain, it’s the perfect time to practice gratitude. Not only does it increase feelings of positivity, but it can help you manage stress, get a better night’s sleep, and even improve upon your overall view on life. Whether you repeat a mantra to yourself or journal your thoughts, think of all the things you have to be grateful for— even if they’re small. This practice will help you appreciate life, yourself, and others even more. So, next time you get to have dinner with your entire family, steal some time to Netflix and chill, snuggle up next to your pet, or realize you’re still employed when so many others are not, make a conscious effort to practice gratitude. Eventually, your feelings will become second nature. 

Ask The Universe For A Sign 

Do you frequently see the same set of numbers wherever you go, like 222 or 949? These could very well be your angel numbers. These “signs”  follow the same principles as numerology, the idea that each number is linked to vibrational energy that has a meaning beyond its numeric value. Trust that these angels (and the universe) have your best interests in mind, so when you see a repeated number, look at it as a sign to help you stay on the right path in your life. A psychic can help you decipher the meaning behind these numbers. 

Invest In Energy Healing 

Reiki is a Japanese technique used to help relax the body and mind while reducing stress and promoting healing. The literal translation is Rei, God’s Wisdom or the Higher Power, and Ki — life force energy. Reiki therapy is conducted with the hands in that it’s believed that a visible life force energy flows through the body and keeps us balanced. When energy is low, the more likely we are to feel stressed or become ill. If it’s high, the more apt we are to be healthy and content. The recipient will lay on a table or sit in a comfortable chair — there’s no need to remove any clothing. Using different shapes, the practitioner will place their hands over specific areas of the body for around two to five minutes — this is where the transfer of life energy occurs. They will hold their hands over each zone until it’s clear that the power has stopped flowing. A session typically lasts anywhere from 60-90 minutes, and the average cost is approximately $70-$90, depending on demographics and the practitioner’s experience level. 

Ground Yourself In Nature 

During uncertain times grounding yourself in nature for a bit can put you at ease, nurture your soul, expand your consciousness, and encourage you to become more focused. Moments in which nature’s beauty surrounds you are sacred moments that help you become more grounded. Whether a trip into a forest where the trees filter the sun, a sandy desert, or a secluded ocean beach, you are welcomed and awakened to something extraordinary, not only to that which is before you but also within you.

Speak To Your Spirit Angels 

Angels come into our lives to give us signs (symbols, repetitive numbers, flowers, animals), protection, and guidance. We all have at least one angel, but it’s not uncommon to have more. Perhaps you’ve even had an encounter with an angel without realizing it. This is unfortunate because angels can be of great assistance in both good times and bad. While you can pray or speak to your spirit angels to help you strengthen and understand this connection, consider scheduling an angel reading. Unlike tarot, astrology, mediumship, or other practices, angel readings are in a category of their own.

Looking for More Ways To Connect With Yourself Spiritually? 

Self-love not about being selfish; instead, it’s about staying true to yourself and never sacrificing your values, beliefs, and dreams for someone else. However, suppose you’re having a hard time connecting with yourself spiritually. In that case, it can be helpful to speak to a Psychic Center advisor, whether you’re looking for a tarot expert, love and relationship guru, psychic medium, and more.

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