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There are many different forms of spiritual awareness, including awakening the mind, spiritual energy, new personality, your soul, or a mystical awakening. However, sometimes it can be challenging to achieve such goals if there’s a “blockage” somewhere. That’s where spiritual shadow work can come in handy — let’s take a closer look. 

What Is Shadow Work? 

Shadow work is nothing new. It dates back to old human civilization, but Swiss psychologist Carl Jung did a deep dive in the 21st century to find the answer to the question: “Why do seemingly good people do obviously bad things?” He concluded that archetypes are psychological representations of contrasting emotional and mental states of the human mind — both the subconscious and unconscious. 

The shadow work meaning can be defined as a practice that involves working with your proverbial shadow to abolish negativity in your life and to put together all of the separate parts of yourself into one. To be clear, the shadow is a psychological term for everything we can’t see in ourselves. It’s possible to lose parts of yourself that you don’t even realize are hidden away within your shadow self. In other words, it’s your dark side. While you can’t get rid of the darkness, shadow work can help you put missing pieces back together, so you feel like a complete person again. 

Shadow Work Methods 

Want to know how to do shadow work? We’ve got to be honest; it’s not easy. Along with the practice can come bitterness from a past rejection of some sort — but doing the work can heal the break between your conscious self and your shadow. Addressing emotional baggage can help you be a better spouse, partner, parent, friend, employee, etc. while finding harmony, balance, and self-love within yourself. Here are some shadow work exercises to help you on your path. 


Meditation is a highly effective technique that boasts both short-term and long-term benefits. It reduces stress and anxiety, enhances well-being, and can even improve sleep and overall health. Additionally, it’s an excellent shadow work method. The practice has been around for centuries, and while some have devoted their entire lives to it, you can meditate in the comfort of your own home whenever you’re feeling up to it. 

To stick to a shadow work meditation routine, you have to choose a method you enjoy, or the experience will feel more a chore than an act of personal and spiritual wellness. There are copious apps and YouTube videos that showcase different methods, including body scan, loving-kindness, breath awareness, gratitude, spiritual, mindfulness, transcendental, and zen meditations, among others. Yogis will be happy knowing that even kundalini yoga counts. Experiment with the various methods and find the best one(s) that work for you.

Keep a Shadow Work Journal 

The journaling process involves writing down all of your thoughts and feelings to help you reflect, analyze, and discover yourself and the life path you’re on. There are copious benefits such as increased self-awareness, improved mental clarity, mental health, emotional healing, spiritual growth, increased creativity, and decreased anxiety. To get the most out of the journaling experience, pick the same time each day to write so that you stick with it. Don’t worry about perfect writing or grammar. Just be honest with your thoughts and feelings and dig deep — you’ll likely want to keep your journal private for this reason. If you have writer’s block, ask yourself questions such as how you’re feeling today or what challenges you’re currently facing. Journaling can be an effective tool to help you have a shadow work breakthrough. 

Determine What’s Keeping You From Your Goals

Shadow healing can bring out some intense emotions, some of which can be difficult or painful. These feelings can limit our sense of self-worth, so you have to ask yourself some tough questions. For example, what’s keeping you from applying for your dream job? Why are you afraid to save and move into a new house? Why don’t you have the courage to ask someone out on a date? Shadow work can help you understand if these roots are from insecurity, fear, rejection, anger, or any other feelings that your shadow is harboring. From here, you can address them and start the healing process, so it’s easier to accomplish your hopes, dreams, and goals. 

Find Your Own Approach

It’s possible the harder you work on an approach you don’t truly enjoy, the less likely you’ll be successful at shadowing. Listen to your mind and body. Maybe your way of meditation is taking a walk in nature versus more traditional methods. Or, perhaps you prefer to record your voice versus journaling. The process is more vital than the technique, so choose an approach that helps you feel the most reflective.

What Does Shadow Work Provide? 

If you’re doing them correctly and keeping an open mind, shadow work exercises can help you gain a new sense of freedom by: 

Finally Addressing Emotional Baggage

Digging out emotional baggage and skeletons deep within your shadows can give you a new lease on life because an enormous weight has been lifted from your shoulders. 

Improving Personal Roles and Relationships

By eliminating self-doubt, fear, and insecurities, you’re able to be better in any role you choose to take on. Not to mention, relationships of all kinds will be elevated too. So, you’ll be a better version of yourself for yourself — and others. 

Experiencing Greater Authenticity 

Providing you allow yourself to advance into the most authentic version of yourself, shadow work is almost a surefire pledge that there will be more fulfillment and greater authenticity in everything you do. 


By allowing yourself to accept the dark, troubled, or broken emotions that have been lurking in your shadow instead of repressing them, you can prevent toxic behavior. Rather, you’ll be able to express your feelings in a healthy, controllable way while developing greater self-love.

Looking For More Ways To Work On Your Spiritually? 

As mentioned, shadow work takes a bit of practice and a lot of commitment, so if you’re feeling stuck, why not consider letting a psychic help you with your training. Just because an advisor can provide insight into love and relationships, career, and grief doesn’t mean they can’t help you with your spiritual path, too. 

Since life can feel unbalanced and heavy at times, it’s not uncommon to put your spiritual needs on the back burner, leading to unhealthy habits. Let one of our Psychic Center advisors help you remove any roadblocks preventing you from feeling balanced and having a healthy and happy relationship with yourself and others.

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