One of the first historical references regarding crystals is linked to the Ancient Sumerians (4th millennium BC), who included crystals in “magic” potions and elixirs. Crystals have actually been used in the practice of Chinese medicine for the past 5,000-plus years and counting. Ancient Egyptians incorporated sparklers such as clear quartz and lapis lazuli into their elaborate jewelry as a method of protection. 

While there’s no scientific evidence to back up the power of crystals, today, they’re still used as a healing tool for the mind, body, and soul, and many people swear by them. They’re believed to deflect negative energy while promoting emotional and physical well-being. If you’re curious to see what crystals can do for you, it’s vital that you learn what some of the best psychic crystals are and what they can do for you.

Types of Spiritual Crystals and Their Meaning 

To tap into their power, choose the crystal(s) you feel the most drawn to. Don’t overthink it; trust your intuition. Next, hold the crystal while thinking about how you want it to help you. Ideally, your thoughts will manifest into healing energy from the crystal. It’s essential to keep an open mind because crystals will only work if you believe in their powers. They’re genuinely fantastic energy transmitters that can help you manifest your destiny. 

Angel Aura Crystal

As you might guess, this brilliant rainbow-colored quartz takes you to a higher spiritual world, giving you the ability to make divine connections in heavenly spheres. With that said, it’s an excellent tool for provoking all of your psychic abilities and purifying your mind, body, and soul. 

Amethyst Crystal 

The amethyst crystal meaning is “gem of fire.” It’s royal in color (a deep, vibrant purple) and energy in that it’s strong and protective. It’s been known to encourage sobriety, quality sleep, cleanse the blood, boost hormone production, and alleviate pain and stress. It aligns with your crown chakra at the top of your head, so it’s also one of the best crystals for psychic abilities. 

Angel Aura Crystal 

A beautiful teal blue hue like the Caribbean sea, this beauty is also infused with gold, making it the crystal of success and abundance. As it aligns with your throat, third-eye, and crown chakras, it’s been known to help release stress and provide peace of mind and serenity. It also supports communication, which can significantly aid psychic insight. You may want to keep one of these crystals in your wallet or on your desk at work as it’s considered a money magnet. 

Moonstone Crystal

Moonstone symbolizes new beginnings, strength, and inner-growth. And because feelings of stress, doubt, and instability dissipate, it’s easier to attract success and opportunities into your life — especially if you’re getting a fresh start. 

Celestite Crystal 

As the name suggests, this sky blue stone meaning is considered heavenly because it helps you communicate with your guardian angels and spirit guides. It’s also regarded as “the seat of the soul.” Additionally, it opens up your eighth chakra (aka soul star) and activates your psychic abilities — especially clairvoyance. 

Clear Quartz Crystal

If Cleopatra believed in its powers, why shouldn’t you? The clear quartz crystal meaning is “master crystal” or “perfect jewel,” and it’s touted for its ability to connect, strengthen, empower, and energize all of the crystals you’re using while simultaneously healing each one of your chakras. No pun intended, but it also helps you have crystal clear communication with your spirit guides and guardian angels, making it easier to receive intuitive insights. 

Citrine Crystal

Everyone can use a citrine crystal in their lives as it encourages positivity, warmth, optimism, motivation, creativity, concentration, and clarity. It draws happiness to every part of your life while giving you the ability to release negative emotions like fear and self-doubt. 

Labradorite Healing Crystals

These “stones of magic” help transform cynical hopelessness into positive, optimistic feelings by clearing out all of the negative energy from each one of your chakras, so you feel more grounded and protected. It also bolsters psychic intuition, telepathic powers, and the ability to communicate with your spirit guides. 

Lapis Lazuli Crystal

The lapis lazuli is another one of those excellent crystals for psychic abilities because it blocks negative psychic attacks while activating psychic dreaming — especially when placed on your third eye. Like the amethyst crystal, this stone is considered royal as it represents honor, peace, wisdom, and compassion. 

Want To Continue Tapping Into Your Psychic Intuition? 

Would you like to learn more about the different types of crystals and how to use them effectively to tap into your psychic intuition? Our Psychic Center advisors can help! Using crystals in your day-to-day life can help keep your chakras balanced so that you’re healthy in mind, body, and soul.

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