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People generally read their horoscopes to get through a rough patch, gain insight into a relationship, obtain lucky numbers or days, personal insight or sheer curiosity. While that’s all well and good, getting a personalized astrology reading takes things to the next level. What is an astrology reading you ask? It’s an amazing catalyst for pinpointing your wants, needs, convictions, and aspirations. Astrologers can also tell you about upcoming planetary movements and how they will affect your sign. 

Of course, there are more specific things you can learn from a session depending on what type of guidance you are seeking. Some popular examples include personality traits, soul purpose, compatibility, life changes, and karmic relationships, to name a few. The roots of any astrology reading are determined by (you guessed it) your astrological sign. It’s helpful to understand the attributes behind your zodiac sign as it’s a reflection of who you are and an insight into what makes you tick. If you read your horoscope, then you may already have the basics down pat, but let’s start by exploring what it means to be a Pisces.

Pisces in a Nutshell

Pisces are sensitive creatures who feel more comfortable in small groups versus big crowds. Though introverted, they are never lonely as they have the fortitude to keep themselves amused through reading or exploring the arts to help bolster their already existing creativity.

Even though they can be dedicated to the task at hand, those born under the zodiac Pisces can also have their head in the clouds, typically daydreaming about something wondrous and esoteric. With that said, they may need a good dose of encouragement in order to accomplish tasks and reach their full potential. This doesn’t mean they don’t get things done, it simply means they may be a bit slower than their peers. Pisces need to find the right inspiration before moving forward with a project, task, or idea. 

Their introspective personality leads someone to believe they are either intriguing and enigmatic or dull and lifeless. The latter is not the case, rather a Pisces’ brilliance illuminates on the inside rather than the outside — yet it is rarely shared with those around them. 

Between their razor-sharp intuition and moral compass, they rarely get off track. Accepting, observant, and non-judgemental, when they give advice, it’s as though they are channeling a wise old sage. The amount of empathy they have for others is tremendous and they can’t stand seeing those they love distressed or unhappy. The more you know about Pisces the easier it is to be their friend, romantic partner or partner for life. While they’re not high-maintenance, their distrustful mind and need for security can put a monkey wrench in the relationship.

Personality Traits

While these are the general personality traits of the Pisces, it’s important to note that not every individual who falls under this sign exhibits each and every one of these attributes. It may also be that they only exhibit these traits at certain times. For example, the negative trait of “lazy.” Most Pisces are only lazy when it comes to something they don’t care about — make sense? This rule applies to all the signs of the zodiac, so use this information as a general guide. 

Positive Traits: Creative, passionate, generous, artistic, imaginative, empathetic, romantic, selfless, sensitive, amiable, compassionate, mystical, natural healers, psychic abilities

Negative Traits: idealistic, moody, dependent, negative, codependent, lazy, escapist, submissive, melancholy, stubborn, naive, fearful, emotionally restrained

Pisces Facts: 

  • You’re a Pisces if you were born between February 19 and March 20
  • The symbol associated with your sign is two fish
  • On a sociability scale, you’re deeply introverted
  • On an optimist scale, you’re an extreme optimist
  • Your best day of the week is Friday
  • If we’re talking about your Chinese Zodiac counterpart, your symbol is the Pig
  • The friends who will keep your burning secrets are Aries and Libra
  • Your most romantic month of the year is July
  • Spirit Color: Sea Green
  • Flower: Water Lily
  • Lucky Gem: Moonstone
  • Quality: Mutable
  • Element Energy: The Flood (Mutable Water)
  • Key Area of Your Body: Feet
  • Ruling Planet: Neptune and Jupiter
  • Karmic Love Partner: Virgo
  • Zodiac Birthstone: Aquamarine

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