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There’s a reason why singers, authors, playwrights, and screenwriters write about heartbreak:  it’s something that happens to all of us at least once in our lives. While that doesn’t exactly cushion the blow, at least you can have a little bit of solace knowing that you’re not alone and that your situation is completely identifiable. However, while getting through a breakup is hard to do, when you feel as though your world has ended while everyone else’s is chugging right along, it’s time to own up to the fact that you need to take the necessary steps to heal from a broken heart. 

It’s been said that time heals all wounds, but what if months or even years have passed and you’re still hung up on your previous relationship? It’s important to address this issue because it’s precluding you from moving on with your life, to include getting into another relationship. 

Now, here’s a patch of blue in your stormy grey sky. Spiritual advisors can help you heal from heartbreak just as much as they can assist with positive matters of the heart, such as attracting your soulmate, compatibility, and strengthening an existing partnership. A love psychic reading can also provide insight into questions such as, “Am I ready for love?” “Should I be in a relationship right now?” “What are tips for getting through a divorce? And, of course, the ultimate “How do I get over him or her?”

While it’s best to book an individual reading since everyone (and their situation) is unique, here are some suggestions to help you on the road to recovery until you seek psychic advice. 

1. Don’t mask your feelings

It’s going to be difficult and things may get ugly, but the only way to heal from a heartbreak is to work through it — that means every detail, not just the ones you feel you can handle. By facing these difficult issues head-on, you’ll grow, become a stronger person, and be better prepared to deal with problems in the future. One word of caution: Not masking your feelings doesn’t mean becoming resentful, spiteful, and angry as you’ll only become more depressed and anxious. Learn to forgive and let go of hostile thoughts and emotions. 

2. Take time for self-care

Self-care should be a part of your daily life even when you’re not going through a breakup, but it should be a high priority during this period. As the word suggests, self-care is about nurturing your mind, body, and soul. There’s no instruction manual for such a ritual because it’s extremely personal. Aside from the basics like getting enough sleep, eating a healthy diet, limiting alcohol consumption, and exercising, self-care can be anything that makes you feel more balanced and relaxed. This could be anything from meditation, taking a candlelit bubble bath, crawling under the covers with a good book, cooking a new recipe, taking yourself to the movies — anything goes. Make an effort to sneak in self-care for at least one hour each day.

3. Get moving

While working out could be considered self-care, it really should be a part of your regular lifestyle in conjunction with other methods of healing and rest. Exercise increases the levels of serotonin, the “feel-good” hormone/chemical that can boost your mood, decrease depression, and lessen feelings of anxiety. This all-natural mood booster can improve your outlook on life and help you become more in charge of your thoughts and feelings. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that you’ll be getting (or keeping) in shape at the same time! 

4. Give yourself a self-esteem boost

It’s all too easy to notice that your self-esteem has plummeted after a breakup, whether you’re doing it to yourself or you were involved in a mentally destructive relationship that left you feeling broken. Perhaps you’re feeling as you’re not good enough or that you’re not worthy of being loved. Stop throwing yourself a pity party and create a list of all your strengths and talents instead — basically, all the things that make you such a badass. Don’t be afraid to toot your own horn. All of the things on that list are going to help you rebuild a stronger foundation for your future. Once you’ve completed this exercise, don’t stuff the piece of paper away in a drawer. Fold it up and keep it with you (purse, pocket, bag) and give it a good look every time you’re feeling down in the dumps. 

5. Consider why you’re no longer together

We tend to mull over all of the good things about the relationship once it’s over rather than think long and hard about the destructive elements that were ultimately the demise of the union. Be grateful for the favorable moments but remember why you’re no longer together. Was there verbal or physical abuse? Did you not see eye-to-eye when it came to the future? Was one of you not willing to compromise? These issues will never change as people don’t change. You either love them for who they are (or vice versa) or you move on — which is where you’re at right now. While it’s possible that your former S.O. made the decision to part, ask yourself this: Why would you want to be with someone who doesn’t want to be with you?

6. Avoid dating on the rebound

While it’s good to keep up with your social life during this period, downloading every dating app and hitting the bar scene each weekend isn’t going to mend your broken heart. Understand that a replacement is only going to be temporary. Ultimately, you want to work towards having a long-lasting, healthy relationship. Take all the time you need to restore and rebuild mentally and emotionally before putting yourself out there as it won’t be for the right reasons. 

7. Do a little soul searching 

Before you get involved in another relationship, take some time to dig deep into your soul. Get to know yourself and what you want out of life — not just in another partner. This includes goals, dreams, strengths, areas of challenge, etc. Write or type them out, keeping in mind that this can be a running list. When you’re ready, jot down what you want out of a relationship. Be honest and definitely think about those dealbreakers. 

8. Find new interests

Adopting new, healthy habits can help you discover a new you. If you had any bad habits in your previous relationship (drinking too much, eating junk food for dinner, social isolation, etc.), this is the time to work on making some serious changes. Try picking up a new hobby or activity and don’t be afraid to step outside the box when doing so. Even volunteering can be a great idea as it can help you put things in perspective with your own life when you’re helping those less fortunate.

9. Learn how to enjoy being alone

If you don’t enjoy the presence of your own company, why would anyone else? While you don’t want to become an introvert, it’s crucial that you don’t always need non-stop entertainment from those around you. Work on filling any feelings of emptiness with feelings of self-worth. Pull some of that self-care and soul searching into your time alone. Pamper yourself, clean up your pad, take care of your personal appearance — anything that’s going to boost your self-esteem so that you feel more confident alone or with your next partner. 

10. Be open to loving again

We get it, you’re broken at the moment, but you can either close off your heart completely or be open to loving again. The former is no way to go through living life, especially when you have so much to offer. Being open-minded will open doors for you as it’s a positive action. Remember, like attracts like so if you’re closed off, bitter, and depressed, you’re only going to attract that energy in your life. Sure, it’s scary to think about the possibility of being hurt again, but you’re not the only one with those feelings. Take your time to mend your broken heart with a healthy mind and spirit and you’ll know when it’s time to love again. 

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