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When it comes to love, there are several different types of relationships — but what is a karmic relationship and how do you know if you’re in one? Unike soulmate and twin flame unions that are focused on healing, karmic partnerships are about personal growth. Throughout the course of the relationship, there are lessons to be learned that will push you to be a stronger version of yourself. In many cases, a karmic relationship helps to balance out a negative experience from a past life. Of course, that doesn’t happen without a lot of emotions — for better or for worse. 

Karmic relationships typically don’t last, yet at the same time, it can be difficult to escape such a partnership because of the intense connection. Wondering whether or not you’re in love can become more clear once you determine your bond is a karmic one. Here are the signs to look for, as well as tips for breaking free when the time is right. 

Signs You’re in a Karmic Relationship

All relationships have room for error and heartbreak as much as support and love. Determining whether or not you’re in a karmic relationship can be confusing, but rest assured, some telltale signs suggest your partnership is not one that’s not going to be around for the long-haul. Let’s take a closer look. 

  • You Feel Instantly Drawn to One Another

You may have only known one another for a few hours — or minutes — but yet it’s like you feel instantly connected. 

  • Codependency Craziness

Sure, it’s easy to get caught up in a new and exciting relationship. However, if all your energy is going into this one other person and not yourself (and vice versa), you may be looking at a karmic union. 

  • Red Flag Alert

Perhaps you’re so drawn to one another that the red flags (especially in the early phases of the relationship) are extremely obvious. The silver lining here is that these flags may be the lessons that you’re both meant to learn from this volatile partnership. 

  • Good Times Versus Bad

All relationships have high and low points, however, if the bad outweighs the good (or you’re on a perpetual nail-biting rollercoaster), your relationship is likely a karmic one. 

  • Repeat, Repeat

Sure, we all have comfortable habits that are more like traditions than succumbing to one’s comfort zone. However, if a rollercoaster ride is your perpetual normal, you two need to reevaluate where you stand. 

  • Repulsion

First comes the instant connection; next comes the feeling that you absolutely can’t stand your partner’s presence — yet you still can’t cut ties. 

  • Obsessed Much? 

On the flip side, you can’t seem to get enough of this person, which only prompts confusion and stress. 

  • Too Much Drama

Is your relationship built on drama? 

  • It Won’t Last 

Once you’ve learned the necessary lessons to heal and grow, you’ll both move on when the time is right. 

How to Escape a Karmic Relationship 

Ending karmic relationships of any kind isn’t easy, but then again, no breakup is a walk in the park. Even two people who are in love can be in a toxic, soul sucking relationship, so it’s essential that you let go in order to give yourself a chance to be in a healthy, long-lasting, loving partnership. 

  • Don’t Ignore Red Flags

Turning a blind eye to the negative aspects of your relationship is only going to perpetuate things. In your heart, you know what the red fags are so don’t make any excuses for them. 

  • Give Yourself Permission to End Things

Feelings of guilt are normal during a breakup — especially if you’re the one doing the deed. Regardless, trust that you deserve optimum happiness and that perpetual toxicity is not normal. 

  • Focus on Yourself

Ending a karmic relationship is the perfect time to implement extra self-care. If you’re finding this difficult after being in a codependent relationship, speaking to a psychic can guide you through the healing process (including breaking a psychic connection with an ex) while providing clarity regarding the future. 

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