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While all psychics possess similar gifts, they don’t all perform the same types of psychic readings. This could be because they are more naturally gifted in certain areas, or it’s a matter of personal interest and/or beliefs. So, when you’re researching psychics, pay close attention to their bios to see what areas of the spiritual world they specialize in so you can book the best type of reading for you. General psychic readings and tarot readings are amongst the most popular, but if you’re still a bit unsure about the difference between the two, Psychic Center is here to clear up any confusion.

Psychic Readings

While psychic ability is accessible to everyone, some people are born with natural gifts that they decide to practice and perfect — because if you don’t use it, you lose it, and in fact, can grow stronger when regularly performed. Some psychics specialize in divination tools such as tarot (more on that in a bit) or astrology, while others simply rely on intuition.

In this case, we’re talking about the latter: A spiritual advisor who relies on intuition and maybe, divination tools that aren’t related to tarot such as crystals, scrying stones, a pendulum, etc. It’s important to note that just like all psychics don’t use tarot reading cards, not all psychics are mediums (readers who communicated with the deceased) — though all mediums are psychic. People typically seek a medium’s advice when they want to connect with a loved one from the other side, to heal from grief/gain closure, and to connect with spiritual guides. 

How an Online Psychic Reading Works

If you’re on this website, then you already know online or phone psychic readings are possible, and contrary to what you may think, they don’t sacrifice accuracy. Here’s how it works: After connecting with you (or “logging on”) via your energy fields, a psychic relies on the intel they receive from the spiritual world to address your situation —  this can be conducted using a wide variety of modalities and techniques that a psychic specializes in. A session can last a few minutes or extend up to an hour-plus. You’ll know how much time is best for you once you’re in the midst of your reading. 

The Benefits of a Psychic Reading

The benefits that come from a psychic reading include clarity, peace of mind, confidence, improved relationships, self-discovery, and closure. Depending on the reason why you’re seeking spiritual advice, you may experience more than one of these perks at the same time.

Preparing for a Psychic Reading

To get the most out of a psychic reading, you have to be fully prepared and in the right frame of mind. For example: 

  • Understand why you want to get a reading in the first place and set an intention. Next, come up with a list of open-ended questions, meaning nothing that can be answered with a simple “yes” or “no.” 
  • Ditch any skepticism if you want a successful reading. Floating tables, shiny gold turbans, mystical crystal balls—forget about any of the nonsense you’ve seen in the movies. Unfortunately, these sensationalized images are what’s given the industry a bad name so you must be able to separate fact from fiction. 
  • Be aware of scams. While there are individuals all over the world who possess a true psychic gift, unfortunately, there are some scammers out there who are only looking to take advantage of people instead of providing spiritual guidance, clarity, and advice. This is called a cold psychic reading, otherwise known as a set of techniques used to try and convince someone that they have psychic abilities. Look for these red flags: you’re told the success of your reading is in your hands, the advisor is “fishing” for information, the reader is overly confident in their information, they are tossing out too many general statements, you’re doing most of the talking, or they’re requesting money to remove a curse. 
  • Understand that the future is not predetermined. People often want to speak to a psychic because they want to know what the future holds, but the truth is, that’s not necessarily the best way to get the most out of your session. Even if you’re given a glimpse of potential forthcoming events, keep in mind that they are not always set in stone. Only you have the power to make the necessary actions to create your destiny. 

Tarot Readings 

Using a deck of 78 cards, psychic tarot is a practice that’s conducted with the intent of predicting potential outcomes while assessing miscellaneous influences connected to a person, circumstance, or both. A reading can help with every aspect of your life, including personal growth, relationships, self-care, healing, major changes, goal-setting, and more. Also, it can teach you what your past, present, and future represent (though the future is not predetermined); whether or not love is in the air; which influences are present in your life; whether or not big changes are on the horizon; and more. 

Common Misconceptions

There are misconceptions about all psychic readings and tarot is no exception. Common fallacies include:

  • A tarot reading can predict the future.
  • Tarot is a religion.
  • A tarot reader can fix your problems. 
  • Reversed cards always have the opposite meaning. 
  • Tarot is scary. 
  • Tarot can’t be conducted on the phone.
  • Your spread is responsible for your life path. 
  • There’s a potential for curses. 

How an Online Tarot Reading Works

To debunk the myth that tarot can’t be conducted on the phone, let’s talk about how it can and is working in a remote capacity. 

Obviously, the psychic will be the only one doing any card shuffling and manipulation, but only after they’ve connected with your energy, otherwise known as “logging on.” Next, the psychic will pull cards to create spreads. Popular tarot spreads include the Celtic Cross, the Tree of Life spread, the Three Card spread, and the Astrological spread. 

There’s more than one way to execute a reading, but it really comes down to the reader’s skillset — the better the experience, the more likely it is that the reader will use a spread with more cards (10 is a good number) to achieve a deeper and more clear outcome. These layouts are what a psychic uses to give a reading as the cards and their placement tell a specific story. The cards are a catalyst for the reader’s insights and their ability to provide advice. Using intuition and skill, the reader will give you feedback on what the spread means for you specifically. 

Tarot Dos and Don’ts

If you’re planning on getting a tarot reading, there are several “dos” and “don’ts” that can make or break your session. For example, DO ask open-ended questions, familiarize yourself with the cards, be in the right frame of mind, and find a comfortable spot when connecting with a psychic. On the flip side, DON’T take card meanings literally (Death doesn’t mean you’re going to die!), let a tarot reading rule your life, believe in superstitions, get a reading for another person, or assume all tarot readers are the same.

How Accurate are Card Readings?

Can tarot cards be wrong? As with any reading, only you are in control of your future as the choices you’re making daily are affecting what will happen in the present, and down the line. Tarot can tell you what is likely to happen based on your current situation, but by no means is this information set in stone. Tarot merely helps you digest your past and helps you through the present so you can make the best choices to mold your future. 

The Bottom Line 

Now that you have a more in-depth idea of how each reading works, let’s compare the bottom line: 

  • Psychic readings are best if you’re looking for…general guidance that’s delivered in an in-depth manner. A psychic will be able to pick up on your emotions during a session. through their gift of intuition, as well as keeping an open mind. Expect a personal an in-depth reading. 

Tarot readings are best if you’re looking for…specific guidance and straightforward answers. The reader need not be psychic, they just have to excel at reading and interpreting the cards without any emotional attachment to the client. While it’s a simple technique, the outcome is precise.

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