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If you remember the scene from the “Wizard of Oz” when the Wicked Witch of the West was checking up on Dorothy in her crystal ball, then you’ve already had a mini introduction to scrying — even if you didn’t realize it. However, this practice isn’t something made up for the sake of a Hollywood movie. It’s a prominent divination technique that’s been used for centuries to help us connect with our unconscious minds. 

Scrying is a great tool if you feel stuck in a rut or are grappling with finding your place in life. However, it doesn’t involve looking ahead as the future cannot be seen. The purpose of scrying is to look at the present to detect and interpret meaningful visions and/or messages. While a crystal ball is often associated with scrying, the reality is, it can be performed on reflective surfaces such as water, crystals, or mirrors, too. There are also different types of scrying. Other common forms in which messages and visions can be seen include fire, smoke, scrying stones, clouds, wax, and smoke. 

As with any divination tool, scrying takes practice — but don’t let that scare you. Ahead, some basic steps to get you started.

Gather Your Materials

Unlike other divination tools, psychic scrying is unique in that there’s no “set in stone” method to follow. It’s also extremely easy to get started because you don’t need to do a lot of memory work like you would if you were trying to learn the meaning behind all 78 tarot cards. Your biggest decision will be choosing which medium you’d like to use when scrying. 

  • Choose a Medium: Mirror and crystals are good scrying objects for beginners, but choose what you feel comfortable and connected with. The important thing is that you have a reflective surface to work with. If you don’t have access to more professional tools like a scrying mirror (aka a black mirror), go the DIY route with dark-colored water (food coloring works) in a bowl. To mimic a scrying stone, use the uncut side of the crystal of your choice. 

Create an Ambiance

When setting the scene, the space you are working in must be distraction-free and dark — if you can scry at nighttime, all the better. 

  • Mood Lighting: The dim (not pitch black) lighting will make it easier for you to see a reflection. Candles can serve as a replacement for artificial lighting, but make sure they are placed at a good distance away from your scrying medium so that they don’t create a reflection. A comfortable chair;  tranquil, spa-like music playing softly in the background; and essential oils or incense can help create a relaxing ambiance. 

Get Into the Zone

Before scrying, you should be completely relaxed and stress-free to focus on your medium of choice; you shouldn’t have to concentrate too hard. Meditate, exercise, take a warm bath — whatever it takes to center yourself. 

  • It’s Trance Time: Once you get started, work on getting into a trance-like state. While cultures around the world have relied on chanting, dancing, singing, music, and visualization to become tranced, a little deep breathing and meditation are all you need to get into the zone. You know you’ve reached that state when you feel focused and connected yet peaceful and open at the same time. 
  • All About the Eyes: Along with a relaxed mind and body, you need relaxed eyes to scry. Get comfy. Scrying can take some time before you visualize something of substance. Set an intention for the session. For example, the desire to know what your purpose in life is, how to achieve a major goal — don’t be afraid to think about the big picture.
  • Don’t Force a Feeling: It’s important to stay relaxed during the entire scrying process. That means your entire mind and body — including your face. Don’t try to hold on to images that don’t stick around; it’s completely normal for these visions and feelings to come and go. What is most important is that you’re making observations along the way. To accomplish this feat, make sure your eyes stay focused on your medium. 

Record Your Results

Once you feel as though you have enough information (images, symbols, messages, visions) to process, it’s time to end the session and record your observations. The next step is to attempt to interpret what you saw. Be patient as this takes practice and experience. You may even interpret something that could end up causing confusion and anxiety. Feeling stuck? Don’t try to illustrate your life on your own. Consider reaching out to a Psychic Center advisor to help you accurately decipher your messages and visions. If you’re looking for a more in-depth reading, be sure to educate yourself on what to know before speaking to a psychic if you’re new to the spiritual world.


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