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We’re living in uncertain times so it’s possible that this is the first moment in your life that you’re considering obtaining psychic advice—great! It’s important that you’re getting the clarity you need in order to stay present and maintain your physical and mental health. While a Zoom chat with friends and family can be helpful, an online psychic reading can provide you with unbiased advice (not that your mom doesn’t mean well) and you’ll have complete anonymity so you don’t have to be embarrassed about discussing your problems, questions, or concerns. Whether you’re feeling a bit apprehensive or you have a few questions, here are the key fundamentals to know before you talk to a psychic.

Why People Seek Advice In the First Place

You likely already know why you want to speak to a psychic, but the top three most popular reasons people seek spiritual guidance include love and relationships, future planning, and intuitive guidance. When it comes to matters of the heart, the main issues involve getting over a breakup or divorce, wondering if someone is “the one” (or even a soulmate or twin flame), and wondering whether or not to get back together with an ex. Future planning inquiries can help one determine whether or not to start a family, move, or take a job offer;  how to attract more success; or even how to find your purpose in life. Intuitive guidance can be beneficial during times of confusion. Perhaps you don’t know if you should continue working on your marriage or you’re having feelings of sadness and you don’t understand why. 

It’s important that you set an intention before booking a session as this will help you determine which type of reading to have. The top five psychic readings to consider include all psychics, love and relationships, mediums, tarot, and astrology.

Psychic Readings Have Several Benefits

Predictions aren’t the only benefit of getting an online psychic reading. The five additional benefits include peace of mind, confidence, improved relationships, self-discovery, and closure. Depending on the reason why you’re seeking spiritual advice, it’s quite possible that you’ll experience more than one of these perks at the same time.

Forget About What You’ve Seen in the Movies

Floating tables, shiny gold turbans, mystical crystal balls—forget about any of the nonsense you’ve seen in the movies. Unfortunately, these sensationalized images are what’s given the industry a bad name so it’s important that you’re able to separate fact from fiction. For example, a professional psychic medium can in fact communicate with the deceased. People typically seek a medium’s advice when they want to connect with a loved one from the other side, to heal from grief/gain closure, and to connect with spiritual guides. While not all psychics are mediums, all mediums are psychic. If this is the type of reading you’re seeking, make sure you choose an advisor with mediumship skills

Scams Can Happen

While there are individuals all over the world who possess a true psychic gift, unfortunately, there are some scammers out there who are only looking to take advantage of people instead of providing spiritual guidance, clarity, and advice. This is called a cold psychic reading, otherwise known as a set of techniques used in order to try and convince someone that they have psychic abilities. Look for these red flags: you’re told the success of your reading is in your hands, the advisor is “fishing” for information, the reader is overly confident in their information, they are tossing out too many general statements, you’re doing most of the talking, or they’re requesting money to remove a curse. 

The best way to prevent connecting with a scammer is to do your homework. Take some time to research our advisors by reading profiles and user reviews. Don’t be afraid to ask for testimonials or to see credentials. Opting to have a psychic reading over the phone also has its advantages. On top of having total anonymity, you don’t have to worry about the psychic picking up on your body language or appearance (even what type of car you rolled up in), so they have less to go off of.

The Future is Not Predetermined

People often want to speak to a psychic because they want to know what the future holds, but the truth is, that’s not necessarily the best way to get the most out of your session. Even if you’re given a glimpse of potential forthcoming events, keep in mind that they are not always set in stone. Only you have the power to make the necessary actions to create your own destiny. 

How to Know if a Reading is Right for You

You’re not ready for a psychic reading if you’re still having feelings of skepticism or negativity regarding the practice. These thoughts and emotions will prevent you from having a successful session so you’re just wasting your time—and that of the advisor. You’ll know if you’re ready to book a session if you’re willing to open up, you want judgment-free advice, and you’re ready to hear the truth. Sound like you? Set up an appointment with one of our spiritual advisors today. We’re here for you 24/7 no matter what.

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