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Did you ever wonder why people seek advice from a psychic? Well, you can speak to an advisor about pretty much anything, but there are some topics that are more popular than others. Here are the top three topics of conversation during a reading. 

1. Love and Relationships

Couples have their ups and downs, so it’s no surprise that love and relationships is one of the most popular reasons people speak to a psychic. There are also those individuals who are having a hard time finding love or getting over a breakup. Since every relationship is different, simply reading an advice column or self-help book may not be enough to guide you, this is why it can be helpful to speak to a psychic so that the advice you’re receiving is specific to your situation. It’s also not uncommon for couples to book a session in an effort to sort out their problems together. Some examples of specific scenarios that are discussed include, but are not limited to: 

  • Infidelity—whether it’s you, or your partner.
  • Your relationship has lost its spark and you’re no longer feeling close to your partner, so you want to know how to repair your relationship (or if that’s even possible.)
  • You want to know either how to attract your soulmate, or perhaps you’re wondering if the person you’re currently with is “the one.” 
  • You’re having a personal problem that you don’t want to discuss with friends or family. 
  • Breakups—how to get over this proverbial death so you can learn to love again. 
  • You’ve met someone new and you’re not sure if he/she is a good match. 
  • You’re wondering whether or not you should try to reconnect with an ex, whether that means reaching out, or actually getting back together. 
  • You’re struggling to get past the death of a loved one and need help with moving on, to include not feeling guilty about dating again. 

2. Future Planning 

Not everyone wants to know what the future holds, but those who do typically reach out to a psychic when they want guidance regarding major life changes such as their career, starting a family, moving, and creating a successful life. For example: 

  • When you should consider starting a family.
  • Whether or not to consider moving and how to prepare yourself if you do. 
  • The things you need to change in order to excel in your career, make more money, and/or get promoted. 
  • How you can attract more wealth and success. 
  • Whether or not you should consider taking a new job that was recently offered to you. 
  • How you can achieve your purpose in life. 

3. Intuitive Guidance

People tend to reach out to a psychic when they are feeling lost or confused. Intuitive guidance involves getting clarity on a situation or circumstance that you may not see all sides of. A session can also help you restore balance in life, help you move forward, suggest ways to overcome difficulties, and shed light on any uncertainties. It’s difficult to provide examples for this type of reading as intuitive guidance is used to help you become more lucid with regard to any area of your life depending on what your problem is. Regardless, some sample scenarios include:

  • You desire to know your purpose in life and what you need to do to make that happen. 
  • You’re feeling sad and unhappy yet you don’t understand why. 
  • You are confused about which career path to take. 
  • You don’t know why you’re no longer in love with your partner or spouse. 

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