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While hitting the gym, eating a balanced diet, and getting enough shuteye are all important habits when it comes to taking care of your health and vitality, don’t overlook the importance of spiritual self-care as well. These practices will help you connect with your higher self, find inner-peace, determine what really makes you happy, strengthen your relationship with yourself, banish feelings of loneliness, and improve your relationships with others. Here are a few easy ways to incorporate spiritual self-care into your daily routine.


Meditation is free and can be done anywhere in the world, therefor making it one of the easiest and most usable spiritual practices to manage. If you’ve never meditated before, you may find it hard to focus at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s likely that you won’t be able to do without it because it reduces stress and helps you have more clarity about what type of life you want to live. There are copious YouTube videos that can guide you through the meditation process and increase your concentration. 


There’s a time and a place for using technology, but sadly, we’re living in an era where it is completely abused, thus taking a toll on our self-esteem, productivity, and relationships. Set aside a period of time each day for a digital detox. Benefits include better sleep, an increase in creativity, improved relationships, greater self-esteem, a better grasp of personal self and needs, and more time for spiritual self-care! 

Incorporate Daily Affirmations 

If we don’t love ourselves, it’s impossible to love others, as unworthiness only fosters negativity. Incorporating daily affirmations into your daily routine will help banish negative energy while increasing self-esteem and confidence. Look in the mirror and repeat your chosen affirmation(s) several times. Some examples include, “I acknowledge my self-worth,” “I am good enough,” “I am deserving of love and happiness,” “I am beautiful inside and out.” An affirmation can be anything as long as it’s positive, but if you’re feeling stuck, you’ll find a bevy of uplifting examples online or at the library or bookstore. 

Exercise Forgiveness

Holding a grudge is only going to prevent you from living your best life because it’s taking up valuable energy that you could put towards something positive and productive. By simply saying “I forgive you,” “I’m sorry,” or “I love you,” you are immediately practicing self-love. Other benefits include a feeling of peace, better sleep, improved relationships, and less irrational and obsessive thoughts. 

Clear Clutter

In order to clear the clutter in your mind, you need to clear the clutter within your space. It’s hard to connect with yourself when you’re sitting in a pile of junk, so make sure your home—especially in places like the bedroom—are tidy. You may even want to clean from a spiritual sense by smudging with incense (think cedar, palo santo, sage) to clear negative energy and uplift your spirit. 

Work With Crystals

Crystals are energy transmitters derived from the earth that are used in conjunction with an intention to help restore the body, balance the mind, and make you feel more grounded and loved. You may have seen them used in a massage or reiki session, or sitting in a room to eliminate negative energy. Each crystal serves a specific purpose, but when incorporating them into a spiritual self-care routine, consider using aventurine (self-confidence, strength, courage), rose quartz (self-acceptance and self-love), and amethyst for clarity. A few ways to use the crystals include placed on a nightstand or near bathtub while soaking in your hands while meditating (or over the heart chakra), between your third eye while laying down, or within any area of your home or office that needs positive energy.

Book A Reading With A Psychic

Sometimes, no matter how much you may try to practice spiritual self-care, you may still feel confused and/or lost with regards to a specific situation. A psychic can help you obtain the clarity you need through a reading. Afterwards, all of your practices will be more effective because you’ll have the answers you need to move forward. Even if you’re feeling good about where you are at with your life, it’s never a bad idea to book a reading with a psychic to make sure you’re on the right path, or if there’s anything you can be doing to ensure you’re living your best life. 

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