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We use the term “psychic reading” a lot, so if you’re new to the spiritual world, you could easily group all advisors under this one mystical umbrella. However, if you wish to contact a deceased loved one, you’re going to need to tap a medium instead. Psychics rely on logic to decipher the material they collect, whether that’s words, sounds, memories, feelings, images, etc. Next, this information is translated into a digestible format that the recipient can understand. This is achieved through both perception (telepathy, precognition, clairvoyance), as well as the senses.

So then, what is a psychic medium? For starters, these spiritual gurus don’t predict the future. Mediums are actually not sanctioned to do so as making predictions could potentially distract them from their main goal: confirmation that there is some form of human identity after death. A medium relies on intuitive abilities and extrasensory perception such as inner sensing, seeing, and hearing to accomplish this incredible feat. Even so, while all psychics may not be mediums, all mediums are in fact psychic. It’s important to understand the difference between the two before seeking spiritual guidance so that you have confidence in knowing you chose the perfect psychic for you. Psychic medium readings can cover a variety of specific topics related to the afterlife. Here are the top three reasons why people seek advice from this type of advisor.

1. To connect with a loved one on the other side

Perhaps the most overt reason why someone would consult a psychic is to communicate with a deceased loved one. Perhaps there are questions that were never answered before death or maybe it’s just the sheer curiosity of how this person is doing on the other side. It’s also possible one seeks a mediumship reading because they aren’t ready to let go. 

2. To heal from grief 

It goes without saying that dealing with the grief that comes with losing a loved one could last months—if not years. People typically seek a medium’s help if they are deeply distressed and having a hard time coping with the fact that they will never see this person again. For some people, this type of session is about procuring closure (maybe you never got to say goodbye), but for others, it’s about receiving a message from the deceased that could provide the comfort you need to heal. 

3. To get advice from spirit guides

We all have spirit guides and one (or more) of them can actually a deceased loved one—oftentimes a grandparent—but it can also be a person from a past life such as a goddess, ascended master, shaman, etc. There are even spirit animals and other creatures in the mix. These spiritual counselors have a way of appearing in our lives just when we need them the most. A medium can make it easier for you to connect with these guides, which can be particularly helpful if you’re at a crossroads or in a crisis. 

The best psychic mediums can help you get the most out of your session so that you find the answers and comfort that you need. Our mediums are here to assist when the time is right for you. Who are you looking to connect with?

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