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Whether you’re installing mistletoe under every doorway or binge-watching romcoms on the Hallmark channel, the holidays are a popular time of year for seeking romance. But why exactly are we more motivated between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve, quite possibly more than any other period? Let’s take a closer look at the reasons why romance is heightened during this time and what those looking for love can do about finding a companion this holiday season. 

  • Nostalgia Over a Previous Relationship

Even if the relationship ended for all the right reasons, people tend to go down nostalgia lane during the holidays, recalling everything from trimming their first tree together to snuggle up in front of the fireplace on a snowy night. Living in the past and recalling an old holiday love isn’t going to help you move forward. Instead of pontificating on all of the good times, think of the not-so-fantastic moments that were the demise of your relationship. Be grateful that you’re in a position to finally receive the love you deserve—even if it takes longer than you wish.

  • Fear of Being Alone on New Year’s Eve

What is this? Prom night? It’s 2019 (almost 2020) and you need not have a S.O. on your arm in order to ring in the new year with joy and optimism. Thanks to movies like “When Harry Met Sally,” among copious others, we’re conditioned to believe that NYE is a bust unless there’s someone in our lives to kiss under the mistletoe. The symbolism is more about closing old doors and getting ready to open new ones. If you’re single, surround yourself with family and friends—though there’s nothing wrong with staying in and implementing a little self-care, too! Speaking of taking care of yourself, if you’re really motivated to find love before the end of the year, it’s key that you’re living your best life. By keeping up with your hobbies, interests, goals, etc., you’re more apt to attract someone who’s a potentially good match—because your grumpy, couch potato, and unkempt self isn’t going to do you any favors. 

  • Everyone Else is in a Relationship

In order to truly be happy in your own skin, you’ve got to stop comparing yourself to others. Everyone is deserving of a satisfying and loving relationship, to include all of your friends who are either seriously dating or married. Stop channeling all of your energy into what others have and keep it for yourself. A strong mind is essential if you want to find love in the form of a healthy relationship. Also, remember that you never know what happens behind closed doors. Just because a couple is together doesn’t mean everything is always coming up roses. 

Attracting Love This Holiday Season

If you’re really motivated to find love this holiday season, book a love psychic reading. While psychic love advisors possess many of the same psychic powers are other advisors, they are more intuitive when it comes to topics associated with love and relationships. This doesn’t mean you can’t explore other psychic and astrological paths to help you find your life purpose. In fact, it can be extremely beneficial if you see more than one type of psychic—like one who practices tarot, for example. While there’s no guarantee that Mr. or Mrs. Right will make an appearance, a love psychic reading can help you understand what you need to do in order to have a happy and successful relationship. In addition, you’ll learn how to follow your own destiny and tap into your spiritual self so that you can attract the right person in your life. 

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