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One of the most burning questions an advisor receives during a tarot reading on love is whether or not he or she is “the one.” Now, it’s impossible for a psychic to tell you 100 percent if this person is your soul mate or whether or not you’ll get married (and definitely not the exact date), a good tarot card love reading can be a key indicator as to whether or not a partner—or potential partner—is the right fit for you. Remember, only you are in charge of your future. The goal of a reading such as this is to give you the tools and insight to follow the right path—for love, in this case. While there are several cards that suggest that love may be in the air, here are the top three to look out for during a love psychic reading. 

The Lovers 

There’s no card more obvious than The Lovers if you want to know if something is brewing as this card signifies an uncommon bond and deeply rooted connection between two individuals. Even simply looking at the card suggests a man and woman are standing together in the Garden of Eden. This card also represents the important choices that need to be made in a relationship. This could mean that a big decision needs to be made in an existing union, you need to choose between potential partners, or perhaps you’re dealing with some form of temptation that could potentially be destructive. Whatever the decision is that needs to be made should be done with a solid, rational mind as the results are likely to be long-lasting. 

Two of Cups 

It may not be as obvious as The Lovers, but The Two of Cups is an extremely desirable card to receive in a spread. It’s a positive omen that suggests your relationship is solid, balanced, communicative, fair, loving, and faithful—in other words, it’s near perfect. The two of you are ready to commit to one another and maintain a monogamous relationship. Being on the same page with one another is perhaps one of the best things you could ask for in a relationship. Having an open and honest union prevents upsetting “surprises” down the line that tend to build up over time when two people are existing on different stratospheres. 

Ten of Cups 

ten of cups tarot card

Thinking about having a family? The Ten of Cups represents a happy and loving home life that is centered around children and solid family values. Even if little ones aren’t in the picture yet, seeing this card in your spread if you are married is a good indicator that you have potentially met your soulmate (it’s a soulmate card) and that the two of you are in for the long haul, for better or for worse. 
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