Fortune Telling using Tarot Cards.

Have you been conditioned to believe that getting a tarot reading is merely for entertainment purposes only? Whether you’ve watched one too many horror movies or you had a bad experience with a psychic, let’s be clear. This mystical practice has been around for centuries and while there are several tools of divination, tarot is arguably one of the most popular forms practiced worldwide.

One thing’s for certain: the truth is behind the cards—78 of them to be exact. While you can also read with a traditional deck of cards, the tarot deck has a special significance in that each of the colorful and artistic cards represents a different symbol, karmic influence, or life situation. A psychic or intuitive works with a deck of 78 tarot cards to draw a tarot spread — or layout in an effort to provide insights and advice to the recipient. There are several different directions a session can go depending on your goal, so let’s take a look at the top lessons you can gain by receiving a tarot reading. 

What your past, present, and future represent

Tarot readings can help you understand your past, make you aware of different factors in your present, and can reveal paths that your future may take. Each of the 78 colorful cards in the deck — an amalgamation of archaic symbols, religious parables, and historic events — are assigned a symbolic name such as “the High Priestess” or “the Hanged Man” that give the tarot card meaning. Just looking at the cards alone can lead to confusion (especially if the Devil or Death cards show up in your spread), but the storytelling (rather, the clarity) comes through the process of receiving a reading. While many psychics practice their own style during a session, that doesn’t change what a layout illustrates.

Deeper insight and information

A tarot reading is a great way to gain deeper insight and information about a specific situation in your life that isn’t necessarily clear to you, whether it’s relationship issues, career woes, or something bigger picture such as your life purpose. A reader will provide you with valuable insight based on the cards in your spread so that it’s easier for you to conquer roadblocks, gain confidence, and achieve the short- and long-term goals you desire. 

A different perspective on things

Need another (unbiased) set of eyeballs to take a look at your life? A tarot card reading can help you see things from a different perspective that you may have been completely blinded to for one reason or another. This is helpful because a detached point of view can help you see things more clearly, to include big picture issues that may have seemed out of reach before. 

The  influences that are present in your life

Tarot cards often represent different influences in your life, whether those are internal emotions or other people who are impacting your situation. Of the 78 cards in a tarot deck, the 22 Major Arcana cards (think the Sun, the Tower, Judgement) suggest a powerful influence moving through your life which could be positive or negative. For example, the Tower card indicates a major life change or development — one that you should keep an eye on. This could be anything from a divorce or breakup to moving overseas. Remember, as with any reading, nothing is set in stone. Look at what the cards are trying to tell you and use the information to your advantage. Only you’re in control of your destiny. The remaining 56 cards, the Minor Arcana, symbolize more understated influences that are materializing in your life on a daily basis. 

Love is in the air

Many people go into a tarot reading with the intention of getting details that pertain to matters of the heart, whether that’s finding their soulmate, getting over a breakup or attracting the most compatible signs in the zodiac. If you’re lucky, your hand will contain one (or more) of the three tarot cards that signal love: the Lovers, the Two of Cups, and the Ten of Cups. This trio indicates that you’re ready for a commitment, you’re ready to make big decisions together, and you’re in it for the long haul — creating a family could possibly be a part of that equation. However, it can also mean that you may have to choose between two (or more) potential partners or decide if the relationship you’re in is right for you. Again, the information you receive is all relative to your situation. 

Big changes are ahead

Certain tarot cards can be an indicator that big changes are ahead. The Devil, the Tower, and Death are three cards that nobody wants to see in their spread as they sound ominous and frightening. While the meaning behind these cards is not literal, it doesn’t mean you’re on easy street either. For example, the Devil may mean you have to shake a bad habit like an addiction before it’s too late. Though difficult, the Tower brings an end to something in your life that is no longer serving you. Death can also mean that something in your life is coming to closure, but for the better. Looking at these cards in a positive manner can help you turn a new page. 

Wondering how to get a tarot reading? People all over the world utilize tarot cards in an effort to help themselves — or others — with matters of the heart, career woes, and other issues that require guidance or clarity. The good news is that with tarot readings in the modern-day world, you need not be face-to-face with a psychic advisor to receive a reading. A session can be performed anywhere at any time, so why not book yours today?

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