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There are plenty of skeptics out there who believe that tarot readings are just a bunch of phony hocus pocus. Then again, there are enough people that do believe in the practice to the point that it is considered one of the most popular divination tools around the world. What started as a parlor game to entertain the wealthy morphed into an apparatus to measure probable conclusions while evaluating specific influences that affect a person, event, or even both. If you’re not completely sold, read on to learn more about 8 common misconceptions that tend to give tarot a bad name. While nobody can truly predict the future, we have a hunch that you’ll have more confidence in receiving a tarot reading after perusing this list. 

1. A Tarot Reading Can Predict The Future

As with any reading, only you are in control of your future as the choices you’re making on a daily basis are affecting what will happen in the present, and down the line. Tarot can tell you what is likely to happen based on your current situation, but by no means is this information set in stone. If you don’t like what you see and hear, you have the power to manifest change. Tarot merely helps you digest your past and present so you can make the best choices to mold your future. 

2. Tarot Is A Religion 

When thinking about a tarot card reading, don’t think about religion at the same time. You need not feel as though you are defying your spiritual beliefs by receiving a tarot reading. This divination tool is not a form of religion. Rather, it’s a symbolic coding system that translates universal and natural laws and principles through a reading so that you can receive guidance and insight on both current and potential future situations. 

3. A Tarot Reader Can Fix Your Problems

As mentioned, a tarot reading can only guide you in the right direction so that you can make the right choices to try to prevent conflict, misfortune, disappointment, pain, and any other emotion that causes you to be mad at the world. Tarot cards can’t fix your problems. If you find yourself in the hands of a reader who claims they can—typically by asking for more money to buy phony candles or faux “good luck” objects, run in the other direction as this person is not true and doesn’t have your best interests in mind. 

4. Reversed Cards Always Have An Opposite Meaning

Just like believing people only cry when they are sad, don’t always take the reversed card symbol literally as you’re limiting what the interpretation could be. Instead of looking at just one card, take the reversal into context with the entire spread so that you have a larger perspective of circumstances and influences. 

5. Tarot Is Scary

Thanks, Hollywood, for painting tarot like a creepy picture that causes people to be fearful. Movies and television series aside, it’s also the imagery of the cards that prompts fear—but it’s important to realize that just because The Devil card shows up in your spread does not mean you’re going to Hell. Thes images do not predict dire scenarios—this is where symbolism comes into play—though they can be upsetting to someone who is not emotionally or psychologically stable. 

6. A Tarot Reading Can’t Be Conducted Over The Phone

Absolutely not true. The same goes for any type of psychic reading as a true skilled professional can tune into their client no matter where he/she is in the world. Sitting face-to-face with a psychic will not change the outcome of your reading. 

7. Your Spread Is Responsible For Your Life Path

As aforementioned (and regularly noted in our content), the only person who can determine your future is you. What you see in your spread is not necessarily what you get, so if a negative card is present, don’t use that as an excuse for your uninspired demeanor, low bank account, or lackluster love life. The role of the tarot is to help you be responsible for your own actions, not pointing the finger in another direction. 

8. There’s A Potential For Curses

While some psychics have the potential to put a curse on an enemy, this is not the case as the goal of the tarot is to avoid causing harm to others, as well as yourself. And no, and advisor’s goal is not to force a spirit or curse upon you, so put these ideas to the wayside.

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