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Whether your ex initiated the breakup or you were the one to do the deed, it’s normal to still think about this person even after the dust has settled—but what if your thoughts are more than just random memories racing through your mind? What if you were experiencing a psychic connection instead? 

To be clear, a psychic connection is a spiritual link between two people that surpasses physical boundaries. The duo need not be in the same room—or even the same state or country— because their souls are connected in such a way that their energies are always in sync with one another. In other words, they experience intense emotions at the same time. The most prevalent forms of psychic connections include twin flames, soulmates, karmic relationships, past life connections, and kindred spirits. So, how do you know if you have a true psychic connection? Read on to find out. 

Signs You Have a Psychic Connection

When it comes to knowing whether or not you share a psychic connection with someone else, there are some significant signs to look out for, however, never ignore the biggest sign: your gut instinct. 

  • You Can Pick Up On Their Feelings at Any Given Time

As aforementioned, psychic connections are linked to intensified emotions, so it makes sense that you may be able to feel what your ex is feeling—for better or for worse. 

  • You Can Picture Where They Are Regardless of Distance

One of the many gifts a psychic possesses is being able to pick up on where a person is located no matter where they are in the world. So, if you are able to pinpoint where your ex is—close or far—not only do you share this psychic ability, but you may have a bond that’s more solid than friendship, even your relationship didn’t work out. 

  • You Have a Sense of What They’re Thinking or Feeling

Two major signs that you have an extremely strong psychic link include having a sense of what your ex is thinking and what they’re feeling—especially when in in danger. Fear is an interesting emotion because it’s obvious when it does not belong to you, thus indicating that it’s associated with someone else, such as your ex. 

  • You Have Several Similarities

Sure, the longer you were together, the more likely it was that you two picked up on one another’s mannerisms, personality traits, and patterns. However, it’s more likely to be a psychic connection if you two start to show up at the same places without planning, wearing the same clothing styles or colors, or even experiencing identical life changes simultaneously. 

Moving On

Even though you need to move on from a relationship that has ended, it can be difficult to cease the psychic connection between the two of you for one reason or another—especially if you are having a hard time letting go. Keep reminding yourself that the more you hold on to the past, the more arduous it will be to find love again as you won’t be giving your 100 percent of love’s energy to someone else. Here are a few tips to help you move on, but keep in mind that it’s likely you’ll have to repeat them several times before completely freeing yourself of your psychic connection. 

  • Get Grounded

While it’s going to take a little practice, it’s important to ground yourself so that you can “come back to earth,” so to speak. Picture all of the energy (including feelings of guilt) you are releasing going back to the center of the earth, but also visualize a connection between your root chakra and the core of the planet, too. 

  • Cleanse Yourself of Your Ex’s Energy

Visualize everything about your ex (from appearance to voice to personality traits), to include their body as a whole. Follow the same process you did for grounding yourself, but do it for your ex instead. 

  • Express Gratitude

Send your ex love and light and express gratitude for the good moments you did share in your relationship. It’s a good exercise for releasing any negative emotions, cutting the energy between you two, and gaining closure on a positive note. 

  • Get a Psychic Reading

Sometimes you can’t break the psychic connection with an ex on your own, so that’s when it’s time to seek psychic advice so you can gain closure and start channeling your energy in more positive ways, to include self-care, soul searching, and finding love again. 

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