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People often speak about finding their soulmate, but the truth of the matter is, a twin flame romance is far deeper and more dynamic. Twin flames (aka twin souls) are believed to be two parts of one soul that split in a past life before being incarnated, so a twin flame relationship means you’re with your friend, lover, and mentor in the present time. They are the mirrors that clearly reflect our good qualities and bad and because of this, there’s tremendous opportunity to grow spiritually, psychologically, and emotionally.  

The stages of a twin flame relationship are somewhat like a wild roller coaster ride—one moment you’re up, the next you’re down before ascending again. You start out by having an intense connection and desire to be together, but then this intensity becomes scary and overwhelming and one of you becomes distant. With that said, it’s not uncommon to go through a period of on-again-off-again before either breaking it off completely or coming to the realization that the two of you can get through anything and you’re ready to make a commitment for the long-haul. The bottom line is that it’s a rare union that very few have the pleasure of experiencing but those who do meet their twin flame love when they’re not actively looking for him or her. So, how will you know if you’ve found that person or they’ve found you? Check out these top twin flame signs that could indicate you’ve found “the one.” 

  • You have a strange feeling of déjà vu and it’s as if you know you are meant to be together even if you just met. 
  • Like yin and yang, your strengths and weaknesses complement one another. 
  • You share the same goals, aspirations, and personal values. 
  • Intense magnetic attraction to each other
  • Your twin always knows what you’re thinking. 
  • Even if you have an intense fight, you’re both willing to forgive and forget. 
  • You both experience astonishing synchronicities such as meeting on 05.05.05. 
  • You share a strong telepathic/psychic connection.
  • You’re both galvanized by a higher spiritual purpose. 
  • Despite going through hardships (even breakups), you wind up back together. 
  • It’s difficult to be away from one another but when you are, it’s as though you can feel them no matter how far the distance. 
  • You love unconditionally. 
  • You feel an overwhelming connection like you never have before. 

Whether you’re in a twin flame relationship or you think you’ve found your other half, a psychic love reading can provide clarity and guidance as you navigate this complex yet beautiful relationship

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