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If you’re bitter that you don’t have anyone to kiss under the mistletoe over the holidays or that 2019 was one of the worst relationship years in history, take a deep breath. 2020 is just around the corner and it’s the perfect opportunity to wipe the slate clean and get a fresh start. Of course, you’re going to have to put in a little effort. To help you out, here’s a list of ways to manifest relationship goals in the new year. 

Before anything else, start with self-love

Manifesting love is impossible if you don’t love yourself first. Seriously, what makes you think you’re going to track the man or woman of your dreams if you’re constantly bashing yourself and lacking confidence? Self-love is a lot like self-care because you want to achieve balance in life, so you’ve got to implement some lifestyle changes such as eating a balanced diet, getting plenty of exercise and sleep, and embracing your hobbies. All of these elements will help you feel better about yourself. Achieving dreams such as career or personal goals is also important—just make sure not to lose yourself once you do finally get into a relationship.

Heal from any unresolved issues associated with previous heartbreaks

You definitely don’t want to bring any baggage into your next relationship, lest it will likely have a short shelf life. Give yourself time to fully heal from any unresolved issues stemming from a heartbreak. Take necessary measures to seek closure before opening the door to new opportunities. This is a good period in life to do a little soul searching and self-exploration so that you can determine what exactly you’re looking for in a partner. If you were responsible for the breakup, take ownership and analyze what it is that you did wrong so that you don’t repeat these actions in the future. Seek additional help if necessary—especially if it pertains to serious issues like addiction, abuse, infidelity, financial irresponsibility, etc.

Take advantage of the law of attraction

It’s very simple: like attracts like, so if you’re cranky, lazy, unmotivated, and disorganized, it’s likely that will be the type of individual you’re going to attract into your life. The law of attraction is about pinpointing what you want—not the fact that you want it. It’s a way of training your subconscious mind to manifest what it is that you desire. The best way to apply this law to relationships is to be comfortable in your own skin (to include being comfortable alone), love yourself and your life, think highly of yourself without having a big ego, actively put yourself out there to meet people, avoid being judgemental, and practice visualization to imagine what life would be like with the partner of your dreams. Just remember that no relationship and no person is perfect, so while it’s likely you have a list of likes and dislikes, be prepared to compromise when you find someone with potential. It’s likely this person will have to do the same with you, too. 

Keep an open mind and an open heart

While some people manage to find the perfect relationship in the blink of an eye, others become frustrating or feel “cursed” after being burned by a series of bad dates or fizzling relationships. Don’t become discouraged. Keep an open mind and an open heart and it will make everything else on this list a heck of a lot easier to do, which brings us to….

Put yourself in situations that you genuinely enjoy

Keeping yourself busy with activities and situations that bring you happiness is a great way to manifest love. For starters, you’re not feeling sorry for yourself and your cheerful disposition is apt to attract the eye of a potential partner. Furthermore, what better way to meet someone than by doing something you enjoy? You two will already have something in common!

Speak to a psychic

We get it: Manifesting love can sometimes be easier said than done, quite possibly because there are other elements in one’s life that are causing pain, confusion, or sorrow. A psychic love reading can help you navigate these troubled waters and determine what’s stopping you from finding love. After that, they can provide personalized guidance and intuition so that manifesting a relationship feels like an effortless action. Here’s to love in 2020, dear reader.

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