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Just because psychics achieve professional status doesn’t mean they stop practicing their craft. That would be like a doctor who doesn’t keep up-to-date with the latest technological innovations and treatments. So, can you learn how to be a psychic? Most experts agree that every human being has some psychic ability (relying on hunches is our true human nature, after all), but as with anything, practice makes perfect. 

Whether you want to be a professional psychic like the gifted individuals here at Psychic Center or you simply want to experiment with your abilities, remember the spiritual world is no joke. It’s a powerful practice that needs to be taken seriously. Here are a few ways you can learn how to be psychic while practicing your natural-born gifts — even if they’re hidden deep within you for the moment. 

Believe in Yourself

First things first: If you don’t believe you can be a psychic, then you never will. Allow yourself to trust in your natural power, as well as the power of the supernatural. Keep yourself inspired by researching and reading the success stories of psychics who started out just like you! At the same time, you should be reading other works that pertain to the specific type of psychic gifts you wish to achieve — e.g. tarot, astrology, love and relationships, mediumship, etc.

Decompress Daily

If you’re a perpetual worrywart who always carries the weight of the world on his/her shoulders, then you’re not ready to be a psychic. This is not to say that psychics don’t have their fair share of stress (they’re only human, after all), but stress and erratic thoughts only cloud psychic ability. 

Many individuals meditate daily to bolster their psychic skills. Not only does it clear your mind, but meditation changes brain wave patterns. It also decreases metabolic rate, relieves tension, and is touted for curing hypertension and improving heart health — those are benefits anyone can get on board with. Lastly, meditation also temporarily alters the prefrontal cortex, thus allowing for increased mental performance and a boost in energy levels, two qualities you need to be a successful psychic.

Maintain a Positive Attitude

This tip goes hand-in-hand with decompressing. When you’re void of stress, you’re automatically in a better mood. Along with meditating, embrace self- and spiritual-care to feel content with your life — and yourself. Stress and negativity get in the way of complete relaxation, which will help turn your focus to the supernatural. Note that you must feel free spiritually before you can improve your psychic abilities.

Let Your Imagination Run Wild

Do you ever feel that you’re able to visit places mentally without actually being there physically? It’s time to practice your remote viewing ability. Imagine each place you plan on visiting the next day. So, if you’re not going to Maui, don’t put images of sandy beaches and palm trees in your brain. These are realistic destinations like the grocery store, a friend’s house, etc. Note the people, objects, and colors you see in your dream. Take note of which ones match when you actually go there and look around. Write down your dreams to keep them fresh in your mind.

Study the Tarot Deck

If you plan on using divination tools like tarot, then you’ve got to master the meaning of all 78 cards, no excuses. This includes how to interpret the cards so that you can give an accurate and thorough reading. Remember, each card can mean something different depending on the situation, so avoid simply rattling off general connotations. The next step is to be able to tell a story concerning the question at hand by looking at all of the cards in the spread — this is referred to as synthesis. 

Try to Read the Thoughts of Others

Telepathy means that you can communicate your thoughts to others in complete silence. Practice by guessing what people are thinking whenever possible. Have someone draw pictures or select random playing cards. Then figure out what that person is drawing or which card was drawn from the deck, but without any clues (psychic ability isn’t a game.) Keep doing these kinds of exercises daily — this is key! Telepathy will take deep concentration at first, and can take years to develop, but it becomes easier and more reliable with time and practice.

Make a Psychic Connection With Objects

Psychometry is when you’re able to tell the history of an object — where it came from, who used it, how old it is, etc. Practice by touching objects until you get a strong vibe. Don’t rush this process; concentrate for as long as you need to. Can you feel anything about the history of the items or their owners? If you do, great, but never force your visions. Steer clear of frustration when you feel nothing. This is bound to happen sometimes; not every object has an interesting story behind it.

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