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Unlike what you see on television or film, mediumship readings don’t result in flickering lights and hauntings. In fact, such a reading is actually a great tool for helping people cope with the loss of a loved one. Sound like you? Read on to understand more about this incredible psychic ability. 

What is a medium? 

In a nutshell, a medium is someone who has the gift of communicating with the deceased—like a bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds. While there are several variations of mediumship, the mental form most commonly practiced in today’s society. Each medium has their own way of working and corresponding with the spirit world, but it’s interesting to note that they don’t usually use divination tools like astrology, tarot, etc., to do so. Rather, they rely on their intuition and mental images or audible messages. A medium is typically able to pass along a message to the deceased. 

Why do people seek a medium’s help? 

People typically seek a medium’s help if they are grieving and having a hard time with the loss of a loved one. For some people, this type of a session is about receiving closure (maybe you never got to say goodbye), for others, it could be the desire to receive answers to questions that were not answered before death. It’s also possible one seeks a mediumship reading because they aren’t ready to let go. 

What are the benefits of a mediumship reading? 

While it’s different for everyone depending on their situation, the main benefits of a mediumship reading include closure, receiving answers, comfort, the ability to heal, a lessening of grief, and a form of spiritual counseling. 

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