You meditate regularly, practice yoga, and make an effort to adopt a positive attitude—congratulations on exercising spiritual wellness! But if you’re looking to up the ante, try adding crystals to your collection. These healing stones have a way of manifesting your intentions via mighty vibrations so you can live your best life, whether you hold them next to one of your chakras (like your heart or third eye), wear them as a piece of jewelry, or place them within your home or office. While there are many crystals that serve a worthy purpose, there’s no need to overwhelm yourself in the beginning. Here are the top 7 that you need to have in your collection from the get-go.

rose quartz on table with chrysanthemum

Rose Quartz for Unconditional Love

Considering topics pertaining to love are extremely popular during readings, it’s just logical that rose quartz should be in your collection! But it’s not just a stone for those in a romantic relationship. It also promotes other kinds of love, to include self-love, friendship, and the promotion of love itself. Negative energy is replaced with positive vibes that encourage trust, self-worth, and self-forgiveness. 

Citrine for Your Spirit

Citrine is a must-have crystal because it promotes positivity, optimism and ideal habits while serving as a powerful tool for giving you the clarity you need to manifest your dreams (personal and professional) into a reality. Just one warning when using citrine: Just make sure you’re ready to let go of your old self and habits that you have outgrown so you can move forward with success. 

lapis lazuli with leaves on table

Lapis Lazuli for Spiritual Growth

Did you ever wonder what your purpose in life is? This extraordinary cobalt blue stone helps you develop spiritual growth by intensifying your intuition, which in turn will help you conduct some serious soul searching. It’s also a great catalyst for growing relationships because it emboldens communication skills. 

amethyst crystal

Amethyst for Healing 

This powerful and protective violet-purple stone is known for balancing chakras and healing everything from physical ailments (oftentimes associated with the nervous system) to emotional issues. Like a superhero in the night, amethyst defends against physical attack, relieves stress and anxiety, and serves as a mood balancer. It also dissolves negative energy and has strong cleansing powers. If you’re feeling you may be psychic, it’s a great crystal to stimulate spiritual awareness, thus making one more intuitive and spiritually aware.

Clear Quartz for Flexibility 

Ancient civilizations have been using clear quartz for various uses for centuries and today, it’s a popular material in the technology world. As it has many uses, clear quartz is also universally healing. It’s a popular crystal for anyone new to the practice as it has the ability to intensify any intention you set upon it due to the fact that the vibrations of the stone are heightened and its cleansing properties are so intense. Clear quartz is a great crystal for eliminating negative energy barriers, too.

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