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  Taking Appointments  

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Appointments For Advisors

Enabling appointments on all your listings is a great new way to grow your business -- and boost your revenues -- on PsychicCenter:

  • Schedule future calls with your customers.

  • Introduce your previously non-PsychicCenter customers to PsychicCenter.

  • Control which customers call you and when.

You don't even have to be available in order to receive appointment calls -- so you can talk to your most valued customers even when you don't want anyone else to be able to call you!

How do appointments work?

There are two ways to begin offering appointments.

  1. Visit My Account and click "Options" under the Arranged Calls bar. Then click the "Appointments" box and "Okay" to let customers request an appointment with you through links on your listings and/or your home page.

  2. You can also send Mail inviting your best customers or prospects to make appointments with you. Simply begin creating a new Mail and select "Suggest Appointment" from the pull-down menu. You'll see a pre-composed Mail with a link for your customer to request an appointment with you.
    if you want, you can edit this message before you send it.

What happens when a customer requests an appointment with me?
You'll receive a Mail when a customer requests an appointment. You can then either accept or decline their request.

An appointment is not confirmed until you've accepted your customer's request. If the customer cancels the appointment before you've accepted the request, their deposit will be refunded to their account.

You can check and update the status of all your appointments on your My Appointments page, which contains a record of all your appointments, including requests to which you haven't yet responded.

What happens at the appointment time?
If you aren't on another call, then at your appointment time, you'll simply get a call, just like always, and we'll connect you with your appointment customer.

If you're on another call…

  1. You'll hear a warning chime letting you know that an appointment call is coming in a few minutes.

  2. We'll call the customer. If he or she doesn't answer or doesn't accept the call, nothing further will happen -- you can simply continue the call you're already on.

  3. If the customer accepts the call, you'll hear a double chime. Press pound (#) to end your current call and stay on the line. We'll connect you with your appointment customer.

  4. To reject your appointment call and stay on your current call, simply press 2. Note, however, that rejecting an appointment call will count as a missed call. So we urge you to honor all your appointment calls once you've confirmed them.

Appointment Deposits

What is a deposit?
A deposit is the amount a customer pays from his or her account in order to reserve an appointment time with an advisor. Deposits can range from $10 to $50. Advisors can choose whether or not to require a deposit.

Note: Customers cannot use any promotional money to help pay for an appointment deposit. However, promotional money can be used to help pay for the appointment call itself.

How do deposits work?
If the advisor with whom a customer wants an appointment requires a deposit, it will be paid from the customer's account when he or she sends the appointment request. If the advisor declines the appointment, the deposit will be returned to the customer. If the customer cancels the request before the advisor has accepted it, the deposit will be returned to the customer's account.

The full deposit amount will be transferred into the advisor's account once the call begins.

Are deposits ever refunded?
Yes. Deposits are refunded to the customer when:

  • The advisor misses or cancels the appointment call.
  • The customer cancels the appointment call more than 24 hours in advance.
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