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  Availability & Schedules  

What does "availability" mean?
If you've made yourself available to receive calls, a Call Button will appear next to each of your listings, and when a customer clicks on it, we'll dial your number. You can accept or decline the call.

If you're not accepting calls, �Away/Arrange a Call� or "Send Mail" will appear next to each of your listings and customers won't be able to reach you by phone (though you'll still be able to place calls yourself).

How do I change my availability?
If you're signed in, you can check your availability by looking at the link in the upper right corner of the website -- and clicking that link will take you to your availability page.

From here on, whenever you want to turn your availability on or off yourself, you can click Yes or No to receive calls or not.

Do I have to be online to change my availability?
No. You can change your availability automatically by creating a schedule (see below) or, when you're away from your computer, by calling 1-866-MY-ASTRO (1-866-692-7876). (Note: this is for callers from the U.S. and Canada only). You'll be prompted to enter your 10-digit phone number and the PIN # you received when you registered (to find or change your PIN #, click on the My Personal Info link from the My Account page). After entering your PIN #, you'll be prompted to change your availability. When you do so, you'll override your set schedule until the next schedule setting automatically takes effect.

What happens if I miss a call?
If a customer tries to call you and you don't answer, your listing status will automatically change to "Away," and you'll remain "Away" until you make yourself available again. We suggest you do your best to keep your availability status accurate and answer calls when you get them, as your rating will drop by two points if you miss a call.

Can I be available for some listings and not for others?
Yes. Just click on the My Listings link from the My Account page and select the listing for which you'd like to change your availability status. Click on the link 'yes' or 'no' in the availability column for this listing, then change your availability on the following page.

Creating a Schedule
You can create a Schedule for any given listing that will let us turn your availability on and off automatically, at the hours you've chosen. Here's how:

  1. Create a listing, go to the My Account page, select My Listings, then choose the listing name itself.

  2. Click on the Yes or No link in the Availability column in My Listings.

  3. Click on Create a Schedule.

  4. Now you can choose the hours you'd like to be available for any given day. If you've selected the Use My Schedule option on your Availability page, we'll automatically make you "Available" or "Away" during the hours and days that you've chosen.

Note: Once you've created a Schedule, you can always make changes to it by returning to the expanded listing page and selecting "Edit Schedule."

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